Draft Chest – Choose Your Own Rewards!

Draft Chest is the new Clash Royale chest which contains tons of cards and gold.

The most interesting part of this chest is that you can choose your desired reward between the two offers.

clash royale draft chest

Clash Royale Draft Chest

How to get Draft Chest?

In order to receive the Draft Chest, you have to be in a League. The lowest League is Challenge I, which unlocks at 4,000 Trophies. The highest League is Ultimate Champion League at 6400 Trophies!

challenger I challenger II challenger III Master I Master II Master III Champion Grand Champion Ultimate Champion

When the season resets, you will get dropped down to certain thresholds. To read more about the new League system, please take a look at here.

Chest Rewards

LeagueTrophies Required GoldCardsGuaranteed Cards
challenger I Challenger I40001919-212110110 Epics + 50 Rares
challenger II Challenger II43002869-317117115 Epics + 75 Rares
challenger III Challenger III46003819-421120120 Epics + 100 Rares
Master I Master I49004769-527125125 Epics + 125 Rares
Master II Master II52005719-632130130 Epics + 150 Rares
Master III Master III55006669-737135135 Epics + 175 Rares
Champion Champion58007618-842140140 Epics + 200 Rares
Grand Champion Grand Champion61008569-947145145 Epics + 255 Rares
Ultimate Champion Ultimate Champion64009519-1052150150 Epics + 250 Rares

Update: And here are Legendary Drop Rates (thanks Asdamp for sharing this!)

Draft ChestLegendary Droprate
Challenger I29.20%
Challenger II43.70%
Challenger III58.10%
Master I72.60%
Master II87.10%
Master III100.00%
Champion I100.00%
Champion II100.00%
Champion III100.00%
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Clash Royale Chest Open by Chief Pat

Are you going to get this chest?

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