9 Stunning Tips for Players Above 4,000 Trophies

clash royale tips

Hello guys, This is Bull3t$t0rm coming at you with tips to get better in Clash Royale…

This one is new!

clash royale tips

Tip #1 – Posture

Yup, You read it right. Does posture affect our gameplay? A BIG YES.

Wanna know how?

When we slouch, our head juts forward and tilts down, flexing anterior neck muscles and over stretching trapezius, splenius, and longissimus. Nerves in our neck, collarbones, torso, between the ribs, and through our core can become impinged, lessening their ability to relay signal between our brain and body… OMG I guess I went a bit too overboard.

Long thing short, A straight neck posture will get you better results than a slouchy one cause what you are exactly doing when you slouch is something similar to stepping on a hose pipe while water is passing through. The result is the slower speed with which water gets through.

The same can be said for nerves.

The magnitude of the issue in the latter case may be less than that of the former, but this might be the difference as to whether you stop a charging Bandit or not (if she ever charges again :/ I feel the so-called FIX was too much. Another topic for it later).

You just play with different postures, and you will know better as to why I recommend a straight neck.


Tip #2: The importance of Soliloquy

Soliloquy refers to an act of talking to oneself

Not like this^ tho. Lemme tell you what I do and why I do to get a better understanding.

I will ask three questions consciously every game to myself and will ask it in regular interval, let’s say 10-15 seconds once till I get the answer.They are

What is the opponent’s deck?

And am I able to decipher it 100% having seen few cards on his deck? Sometimes you will be able to get an answer to this question having seen two cards, say, Knight and Princess...

CONGRATS!!! You are right.

For someone, it will take time to get the answer for the question and others it will be relatively easy and is based on how much you play and the volatility/diversity of the meta.

What are his counters to your win-conditions?

Assume I am a Graveyard player (I am actually) and I am playing an off meta GY control deck.

It’s imperative that I know his counters to my win condition whether it be a squishy troop that can be Arrowed or Valk/Archers which must be out-cycled before I play my win-condition.

It not only applies to GY but any other win-condition.

What are the spells your opponent has? 

Why spells and why not other cards?

It’s simple, spells provide so much value, and once I came to know his spell, I can consciously avoid or at least try to avoid giving value to my opponent.

And now as to why I ask this question consciously to myself every game in the form of a soliloquy.

Its simple, cause we are humans.

It can be better explained regarding other game and relating it to this game. Lets take CS:GO where after playing that game for a while, shooting becomes muscle memory (can do it sub consciously).

Since we get a pervasive feel-good effect after getting 1-2 kills we let our sub-conscious memory take over forgetting that its the shooting that became muscle memory and we still have to think and strategise as to where to go? Should I fall back or hold? And many more.

The same applies to this game.

That’s the reason why we get a feel that we are playing better after giving a long gap because we tend to play consciously. That’s the reason why I consciously implemented those questions every game so that I tend to be more consistent.

Try this out, and you will find a huge difference in your consistency.

Tip #3 – Play defensively first

Do not attack first unless you see an advantage. Don’t use your troops unless there is something to be gained.

Some decks are based on constant chip damage while others based on heavy pushes. Even tho their approaches are different; the substratum are the same.

For example, gaining Elixir Advantage.

Elixir being the substratum of the game. It’s imperative that we use the additional resource provided in game to gain Elixir advantage aka Princess Tower. For that to happen, we need to engage opponents troops in our side rather than the other side.

Do you want another reason to play defense? Well, once upon a time, a wise man said:

“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” 

If we extrapolate the same here, It means to defend your virginity till your opponent makes a mistake.

Tip #4: Learn micro plays on a daily basis

For those who don’t know what is the difference between macro and micro, I suggest you guys watching this video.

I would say success in pro scene is based on 10% micro and 90% macro.

In pro scene, micro plays have very less inference as most of the micro plays are deep rooted into those players, and they tend to make no mistake or the chances of making the same are pretty less as it became muscle memory for them.

Then how one guy is winning over the other? Yup, you guessed it right. The macro play has more inference in pro games.

If you take any game in current CCGS, matches are won in 3 ways

  1. Having a counter deck and playing right
  2. Getting 1 step ahead of an opponent by giving importance to macro, i.e., by knowing opponent cycle or elixer count and his possible counter to our current move and making a predictive move to reduce the options opponent has or counter the opponent’s action.
  3. The opponent making blunder(I thought it would be rare to see those in BIG STAGE like CCGS but I was wrong.Well, who am I to judge…Pressure might be a reason as well)

So to become a pro player, the 1st step is to learn all or most of the micro plays inside of the game and make it our muscle memory. Which makes us ready 10%.

If we gained mastery over that 10%, the remaining 90% of-of our success is a cake walk as it gives us time inside the game to think about macro plays without worrying how to defend as micro play became out muscle memory.

For that to happen to learn all possible micro plays with your deck.

This is one of the reasons as to why I suggest people stick with one deck and play it over and over.

Tip #5: Watching Replays

This tip is for those who are like me…

Who feel it’s pathetic to cry for the same thing twice i.e. Losing a battle ’cause you made that frucking mistake again. Losing is fine, It is.. to err is human. Losing cause of that err once? Fine . Twice? Not bad.

Again and again? There is a serious problem.

Let it be game or life, I refrain myself doing same stuff which failed me before.

How could I do that? It’s simple.

The first step is realization.

“Realisation is a matter of becoming conscious of that which is already realized”

Let’s spot our own err and be critical while doing so.Watch our replay is the only way we can stop this pitiful occurrence.

Tip #6 – Aim Higher

Whenever you are nearing your target, say 4600, and you are around 4550 or 4500, immediately change your target to 4900 and dream how cool it would be to reach that one.

Think about it over and over again about that cool Master I Draft Chat.

Why should it be done? There are two different answers for this:

How our emotion affects our gameplay

For example: We all will be excited when we are near the goal… is that it?

Nah most of the time (always?) our goal will be greater than our Personal best. Our goal there will be excitement along with the fear.

The most precise word I could think of is exhilarationThat will pump in more adrenaline along with shaky hands, sweaty palms, etc.

By changing our goal, this can be avoided as achieving our goal is nothing but achieving what we thought we are capable of doing.

Change your thought, change your Clash Royale life.

Well, there was only 1 in my mind…Since I stated 2, here we go..

There is a good ol’ saying that if you achieve your target, your target is WRONG! :p

Tip #7 – Plan Ahead

This is just a combination of knowing opponents cycle (not all cards, just try to remember his win conditions and his hard counters to your win-condition), a rough estimate of opponents Elixir (+ or – 1 is just fine) and prediction.

Prediction is the ultimate goal as it keeps us one step ahead of our opponent

Prediction is a ChildsPlay when we master the first two.

At first, it might feel a bit too much to have a note of but believe me, keep these in mind and when time progresses, it will become natural phenomena.

Try predicting every move of the opponent.

Think what you would do if you have those cards in your cycle with the Elixir you have for which as i said we must master the first two. The answer will be obvious when we can keep track of the first two.

The next step is simple… how are we going to counter his potential move.

It might sound a bit too much but it will be easy 🙂

Tip #8 – Deck and Time

This is an important concept and worth mentioning.

It’s all about knowing which deck has the advantage when time progresses.

For example, a full Lavaloon push with Lightning and supports is so hard to counter unless you have certain cards in your deck.

You might ask ”What I have to do with time?”

To pull out such a combination, we need so much Elixir which is not possible to gain in the first 2 minutes.

Ones deck’s power is directly proportional to time progression than the opponent.

It’s important to find which side you are i.e will it be detrimental to us when we hit double Elixir or it will be favourable for us?

Based on the answer to the above question our play style differs.

For example: If we are going to gain during double Elixir , its better for us to defend completely during the first 2 minutes and vice versa.

Tip #9 – The Ultimate Learning

The above 8 tips or so is just nothing compared to this.

This is the ultimate learning I learnt a few days back which has a huge impact on my life.I would love to share it!

We must always count on any battle to take lots of unexpected twists and turns.

To respond properly and in time we must free our mind of all other thoughts.

To have confidence is one thing but over-confidence can cause us to become careless and we tend to miss things that we normally would not.

For those who are wondering about the difference between confidence and over-confidence. I will define this.

Confidence is “No matter what I will do my best”, where I am thinking of something which is within my control.

Whereas over-confidence is “Bring it on NooBBBB…I will trash you!!”, where I am thinking of something which is beyond my control i.e framing that I am better than my opponents.

Only the one who can erase all idle thoughts and concentrate completely will control the battle.

If you are a BMing guy STOP. Just stop for your betterment.

If you start thinking how opponent feels you are just wasting your capacity while you could have thought of a better strategy. No hard feelings tho.

– Adios