Clash Royale Season 24 (June 2021)

Clash Royale Season 24
Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some refreshing air and the latest Clash Royale update. We are into June and the sun is warming the days. The second quarter of this year has started and the second big update of the year will be here with it. Go to Clash Royale Summer Update to know everything about it. The current season ends on June 7 and Clash Royale Season 24 will start. It is called Rumble in the Jungle, a reference to the Rascals who has a hideout in the jungle.
Clash Royale Season 24

Clash Royale Season 24 Pass Royale

This season’s Pass Royale has a tower skin and exclusive emote. The shop will also have a buyable emote during the season. Though no free emotes or skin but the pass royale items may catch your eye. Let’s what it offer this season!

tower skinTower Skin: Jungle
The season is Rumble in the Jungle and the pass royale tower skin is based on the greenery of the jungle. The King tower has a crown made of three leaves in the front and some leaves on it at the back. The Princess towers have vines entwined around them and a purple flower blooms at the front. The skin complements the Jungle theme nicely.

Clash Royale Season 24 Emotes

goblindrill drive fs8Goblin Drill
A brand new card is coming into the game with its brand new emote with it! We will have the Goblin Drill Drive emote which would be unlockable from a challenge. We can see a happy goblin in the Drill’s window as it flies out of the ground.

firecracker heart fs8
Firecracker: Heart

After years, we will get a new emote in the trophy road! The    Firecracker happily throws her hands in the air and a heart gets out. A lovely emote.

dartgoblin backfire fs8Dart Goblin: Backfire
Firstly, this emote looks like an existing Dart Goblin emote in which it blows confetti through that blowpipe. But this one has a twist. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction and the dart accidentally gets backfired into the goblin itself. This emote would be in the Pass royale.

skeletondragon jawdrop fs8Skeleton Dragons: Jaw Drop
A fiery skeleton dragon tries to fire but its loosely fitted bony jaw drops in mid-air. It leaves our friend sweaty with embarrassment. This emote will be available in the shop.

The tower skin and emote images credit goes to RoyaleAPI. Check out their Season 24 blog post.

Clash Royale Season 24 Arena


Ooga Booga! We are visiting the Jungle Arena to do some rumble. The jungle is the Arena 9 on the trophy road. It has lush coconut trees on the sides with fireflies lighting it up serenely. There are big statues of faces behind the towers whose eyes have fires lighting them up. Looks like a Goblin God is watching over the arena. One of the best looking arenas in the game! I like it.

Clash Royale Season 24 Boosted Cards

goblin drillGoblin Drill: The new card will be boosted for the season as it usually is. I hear a rumbling coming from the earth… is it an earthquake? Is it my stomach? No, it’s the Goblin Drill!


Clash Royale Season 24 Balance Changes

With season 24, the summer update will also be live and it has balance changes coming with it. Here’s an overview of the changes.

  • Furnace: The furnace has been reworked. It will now spawn 1 fire spirit in 7 seconds.
  • Fire Spirit: The tiny fiends have been reworked too. It will now cost 1 elixir and it will have only one Fire Spirit. Its damage, range and hitpoints have been increased.
  • Rascals: The first hit time is reduced to 0.8 seconds from 1 second.
  • Cannon: Buffed with first hit time reduced to 0.9 seconds. The same goes for the Cannon cart after breaking down.
  • Giant Skeleton: After the nerf, the big guy has been buffed again. The death damage to towers is now 888.
  • Golem: Death damage of the golem is reduced by 28% in Season 24 Balance changes.
  • Elite Barbarians: Their sight range has been increased to 6. Now they won’t ignore the buildings placed in the middle of the arena.
  • Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard has been nerfed. Hitpoints reduced by 3%. It means that the fireball can take it out (level 9).

For all the balance changes in detail, take a look at the Season 24 Balance changes chart by RoayleAPI on their blog.

The upcoming Clash Royale Season 24 and the summer update looks good. We are excited to see them live. Join the Clash World Discord and tell us how you feel about the update. Stay tuned with us for more clash royale guides, decks, updates, and other articles. Clash On!