Goblin Drill Full Info


Hi there, Clashers! It’s Krux here, and I’m back with a cool gust of wind. The new Season 24 Rumble in the Jungle started on June 7, and with it came a horde of changes in the game. Along with the Balance changes and new arenas, we also got a new card—the Goblin Drill. So, let’s dive in and find out everything you need to know about the Goblin Drill in Clash Royale without any delay.

Card Overview

This is how the card looks in the in-game deck section. The description says—GoblinDrillCard

“Building capable of burrowing underground and appearing anywhere in the Arena. Spawns Goblins one at a time until destroyed. Then spawns a few more, to make sure everything nearby has been properly stabbed.”

Phew! This is one long description. Actually, one of the longest descriptions for any card in the game. So let’s make it simple.

  • The Goblin Drill is an epic card unlockable in Arena 13. It can be unlocked this season in the special challenge also.
  • It is a building card that costs 4 elixir in the game.
  • It digs through the ground and reaches anywhere in the arena. Looks like the Goblins got a moving hut!
  • It spawns goblins with daggers, the ones which the Goblin Barrel carries. A goblin is spawned once every 3 seconds, and the life of the building is 9 seconds. Upon disappearing, 3 more goblins join their mates. So it’s a total of 7 goblins.

Goblin Drill Statistics

Target Ground
Range 0.5 (Melee)
Hit Speed 1.1 seconds
Speed 120 (very fast)


Level Goblin Drill Hitpoints Goblin Drill Spawn Damage Goblin Damage per second
6 900 51 68
7 990 56 74
8 1,089 61 81
9 1,197 67 90
10 1,314 74 99
11 1,440 81 109
12 1,584 89 120
13 1,737 98 131

Goblin Drill in the Arena

Goblin Drill arena

  • The Goblin Drill can be played both offensively and defensively. It can be placed right at the opponent’s Princess towers which makes it a great offence. Or we can place it in the middle of the arena as a defensive building. But keep in mind the short lifespan.
  • The Goblin Drill can be used to eliminate spawner buildings and elixir storage placed by the opponent behind their towers. The goblins can absorb the spawns and then take out the building.
  • The Goblin Drill has a knockback effect of 1 tile, and it can stop the Ram Rider charging, Hog Rider and the Bandit’s dash.
  • It takes out a Giant if placed in the middle, a Royal Giant if placed right at the bridge immediately. It cannot counter the Electro giant, and that doesn’t shock us.
  • A Goblin Drill cannot be fully wiped out by a Fireball, Poison, Earthquake, Log, Arrows, or even the Lightning. A rocket can take it out, but it is a negative elixir trade.
  • We can use the Barbarian Barrel or Log to soften its damage as they will kill the spawned goblins as well as damage the building itself. This makes the new card a spell bait for the Arrows, Log, and Fireball.
  • A Goblin Drill can endure one hit of the Sparky! And after that, it spawns 3 goblins to take it out. This sounds nice.
  • Pairing a min tank with a low elixir card is a good strategy to defend a Goblin Drill. Example- Bomber with the Ice Golem.
  • One card defences are Executioner, Bowler, or even Musketeer. They should be placed at a distance so that the goblins do not attack them.

We now have a broad idea of the new card in the game. We are going to see a lot of drilling in the coming days. It will be fun to see how the card works out in the ladder and the meta. We know you can’t wait to use the new card, and soon, we will bring you some Goblin Drill decks that you will dig 😉 Stay tuned for the best Clash Royale related articles, updates, and deck guides. Clash On!