Clash Royale Summer Update 2021

Clash Royale Summer Update

Hey there, Clasher! It’s Krux here and we have awesome news to share. We are into June and the summer has set in. And with the orange evening skies, we have with us the Clash Royale Summer Update. It is bringing a lot of things into the game and many small changes to the game we enjoy playing. Without any delay, let’s take a look at the update!

Clash Royale Summer Update (June)

Clash Royale Summer Update

The date has not been announced but it is most likely to be released with the onset of Season 24. It is called Rumble in the Jungle and it starts on June 7.

Trophy Road Changes

The most anticipated and the most exciting item of the Clash Royale Summer Update is this.

  • Right now, the trophy road ends at 7000 trophies with the league being Ultimate Champion. It has been extended to 8000 trophies now. The name has not been changed and it will be called Ultimate Champion as before.
  • The start of the leagues has been changed to 5000 trophies from 4000 trophies! It starts with Challenger I
  • Two new Arenas are coming with the extension! They are Rascals Hideout and Serenity Peak. new arena
  • League reset: The trophy reset at the end of the season will not be dynamic. It means that they won’t be halved for everyone. The higher you climb on the ladder, the lesser reset you will get. The detailed chart can be seen here—the Trophy Reset chart.
  • Trophy loss: After Master I on leagues, an equal amount of trophies will be lost on losing and gained on winning. It depends on the opponent’s trophies also.

Gold and Chests

Gold has been scarce at higher levels and players have been demanding this for long. The Clash Royale Summer Update is going to add new and easy ways to earn more gold.

  • Gold Crates: Gold crates are making an entry into the game. Players will be getting these crates from match wins as they get crates 1 These crates will replace the chests in the chest slots when players get them. Upon unlocking, they will reward with gold (a good amount).
    They don’t have any cards. The higher your king level, the more gold crates you will get!
  • Arena 14 and 15 chests: These chests will have more rewards than arena 13 and also more victory gold.
  • Shorter Pass Royale: The number of crowns required to complete the Pass Royale has been decreased. Some tiers will unlock at 10 crowns and some at 5. This reduced the total crowns needed to complete all the tiers to 200 from the previous 350.
  • More Bonus gold: At the end of the Pass royale, the Bonus bank can now hold 25000 gold instead of 10000.

Clan War II Changes

Players have been raising issues since the Clan Wars II released last year. With this Clash Royale Summer Update, they are getting addressed.

  • Fame is now called Medals.
  • Medals will transform into Movement points, symbolised by the anchor in-game. The more the medals, the more movement points, the further the boat goes.
  • Training days and Battle days: There has been the issue of clans completing the race in two days and then sitting idle, watching the boats lying around in the river. Now, the first 3 days of the week will be Training days and the rest Battle days.
    clan warsOn Training Days (Monday to Wednesday), you can earn Gold by practising with your War decks in River Battles and add defences on your boat. On Battle days, you can earn Medals and attack other boats.
  • 24-hour format: Boats will now move forward at the end of the day based upon the Medals they earn that day.
  • Boat defences: Based on the defences that survive each battle day, the boat will move even more forward.

Goblin Drill: New Card

Brace yourselves because some goblins are going to attack your towers from below. With the coming Clash Royale Summer Update and the new season, we will have Goblin Drill to be unlocked in challenges. Everything you need to know about the Goblin Drill Clash

The Goblin Drill is an Epic card with the cost of 4 elixir. It tunnels through the ground just like Miner and can be used anywhere in the Arena. It unloads its passengers once it has surfaced on the other side.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • We now have a total of 10 deck slots. Finally!
  • Battle replays now have rewind functionality!
  • Random Tower Skin selector can be used to automatically switch between the different tower skins you own in each match
  • More permanent game modes added in friendly matches

Apart from these, Balance changes are also coming with the new Season. We will be seeing them in the new season post. This is going to be a major update in Clash Royale. There are so many new things coming in the game. What do you think about it? Join us on our Discord and tell us how do you feel about this Clash Royale Summer Update.

Stay tuned with Clash World for more updates, deck guides, and other articles. Clash On!