Clash Royale Season 25 (July 2021)

Clash Royale season 25
Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some cool wind and the latest Clash Royale news. We are into July and the summer is in its later days. The current season starts on July 5 and it is called Vacation Royale. Summers are for vacations!Clash Royale season 25

Clash Royale Season 25 Pass Royale

This season’s Pass Royale has a tower skin and exclusive emote. The shop will also have a buyable emote during the season. Though no free emotes or skin but the pass royale items may catch your eye. Let’s what it offer this season!

Tower Skin: Boom
The season is Vacation Royale and the pass royale tower skin is based on the beach. Beach has a reference to Boom Beach, a supercell game. The King tower has a boom rocket at the front and the Princess towers are wrapped in a rubber unicorn. Looks cool and cute!

Clash Royale Season 25 Emotes

Basketball Bowler
A brand new card is coming into the game with its brand new emote with it! We will have the Goblin Drill Drive emote which would be unlockable from a challenge. We can see a happy goblin in the Drill’s window as it flies out of the ground.

  • In this season, we will also have the Epic Book of cards in the free last tier of the royale crown tiers. It had a rare book of cards last season.

Clash Royale Season 25 Arena

Cool sip! We are visiting the Beach Island Arena to do some sunbathing. The arena is an island in the middle of the royale ocean. There are starfish on the sand and seagulls flying above the battlefield. Looks pretty to the eyes.

Clash Royale Season 25 Boosted Cards

goblin drillGoblin Drill: The new card will be boosted for this season as well. People should get the hang of it.

BowlerBowler: Our blue man with a rock will also be boosted for the season. Let’s bowl on the goblin drill!