Balloon Double Dragon Deck

Balloon Double Dragon deck

Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with a July thunderstorm and a new deck guide. The new Season 25 Vacation Royale has kickstarted and the boosted card is Bowler. Bowler has been in use for some time now. The reason being that it is a great counter to the Goblin Drill. Today we’ll see the Balloon Double Dragon deck. Let’s get started!

Balloon Double Dragon Deck

Clash Royale BalloonClash Royale Barbarian BarrelClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Lumberjack

Clash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale TornadoClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Electro Dragon

copy deckThe Balloon Double Dragon deck has an average elixir of 4.0 and a shortest card cycle of 13. It has an extremely good defence and great offence. There are epic cards so the free to play score is low if you don’t have Balloon and Lumberjack levelled up.

deck cards banner 1

  • Balloon: Our win-condition. Paired with Lumberjack and the freeze to get the crown.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Barbarian barrel is the answer to skeleton armies and goblins, Princess and a mini tank for the Balloon.
  • Freeze: You should know when to freeze the opponent’s towers!
  • Lumberjack: Complementary troop with the Balloon to rage it and reach the tower faster.
  • Inferno Dragon: Defence in our deck for tanks such as Mega Knight, Pekka etc.
  • Tornado: Spell card to pull all the enemies together to give them an electric shock.
  • Bowler: Top-notch defence right now in the meta. To counter Goblin Drill and others.
  • Electro Dragon: It is our defence as well as the support card.

deck strategy banner

The Balloon Double Dragon deck offers a godly defence but the heavy cards in it don’t allow us to unwisely make the first move.Balloon Double Dragon deck

Opening: We will wait for the opponent to make the initial move. If the slow passage of time bores us out after 10 seconds, we can let go of the Barbarian barrel at the bridge. If it’s not in the hand, then we can start with the Inferno Dragon at the left or right lower corner of the arena. Don’t bridge spam Lumberjack and Balloon as the opening. It will be a recipe for disaster. When the inferno dragon reaches the Bridge, we can place the Lumberjack and the Balloon. Also, have Freeze at the fingertips to freeze their defence troops and tower. The Balloon should connect to the tower. If the Balloon or the Lumberjack dies in a second, don’t freeze it.Bdd

Mid-Game: We tried our luck with Balloon once. Now it’s our chance to defend our tower. Bowler along with Electro Dragon will be our defence. Place them in the right spots so that they don’t get crushed. Use Tornado to bring all the enemies together so that the Bowler can roll his boulder over them. Electro Dragon should also shock all of them in the chain. We will be free from the clutter by this. If the Bowler or the Electro Dragon is alive after defending, attack with the Balloon and the Lumberjack at the bridge (ahead of the Bowler). Again keep the Freeze ready and this time we will freeze it all. The Balloon should take hits at the tower. The crown is ours.

Endgame: Our Balloon Double Dragon deck has awesome versatility and it allows us to cycle the win condition faster. It can go with any dragon as support and also with the Bowler. We will have to repeat the cycle twice to get a crown. Once we get it, we will passively defend. No need to go for the King tower.bdd3

1. Electro Giant decks:
Electro giant decks are a bit tricky to play against with this Balloon Double Dragon deck. We have Inferno dragon as the only ideal defence to it. Lumberjack and Electro dragon won’t do much to it and dies. In such matches, we will have to somehow stop the opponent from putting the Electro giant in the first place. It costs 9 elixir and we want to avoid it. Even if they place it, we will force them to use elixir so that they can’t build a big push behind the Electro giant. Facing the Electro Giant without Inferno Dragon in hand is a catastrophe.

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