Supreme Guide to Balloon Rage


Wassup guys! It’s DabMaster2 back at it again with another guide for you guys! This time I’ll be sharing the Ultimate Guide to using Raged Balloon! The raged Balloon is extremely deadly with the Rage allowing the Balloon to move way faster and to attack faster too.

There are two types of raged Balloon decks: The normal Balloon Rage, or the LumberLoon combo.

Let’s get into it!

rage loon

Supreme Guide to Raged Balloon

Table of Contents

  1. Why Rage Balloon is so good!
  2. Why Rage Balloon could be bad.
  3. General Gameplan
  4. Building a Rage Balloon deck.
  5. Example Decks

Why Rage Balloon Is Good

Very Surprising

Seeing a frightening Balloon floating towards the enemy Tower is intimidating enough but if it’s raged, your opponent will likely panic since one mistake and the Tower can take massive damage. Rage Balloon decks rely on surprising and fast attacks. It requires your opponent to play flawless defense or suffer the consequences.

Great for Comebacks

Rage Balloon decks are also great at comebacks. One Tower down? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to whittle down their Tower with the Rage Balloon. Like I said, one mistake and your opponent will suffer massive damage. Players tend to play more confidently when a Tower up but take advantage of that confidence strike hard with the comeback!

Crazy Damage

A regular non-raged Balloon has a hit speed of 3 seconds. Once raged, its hit speed is increased to about 2 seconds! This one second increase can allow your Balloon to get more hits and do much more damage.

Why Rage Balloon Could Be Bad

Hard to Use

As the Balloon is the only main win condition, it can sometimes be hard to get it to the Tower. Balloon decks require precise timing with spells. Getting too aggressive on a push can also result in getting crushed by the counter-push.

Weak against Multiple Anti-Air troops

Since this Deck only relies on the Rage spell, of your opponent has many air-targeting troops, the Balloon will have a challenging time getting to the Tower. Tornado is even more frustrating. You may think your Balloon is getting to the Tower then BAM! The Tornado drags it away.

Less Defensive Troops

Using the Rage spell can result in less defensive units since the Rage takes up a card slot. Your Deck may have a harder time defending. Rage Balloon decks rely on mostly defensive units then 2 to 3 main offensive cards.

General Gameplan

Every battle is different. This is an outline for how you should play.

Start of Match (0:00 – 0:30)

In the beginning, find out what your opponent’s win conditions are and what their counter cards are to your Balloon. Don’t play too aggressively since losing in the beginning of the match can still be hard to make up for even though this Deck is good at comebacks.

Mid Game (0:31 – 1:59)

Now that you have found out your opponent’s counter cards and win condition, you can start making more pushes. Play mostly passively then counter-push with your remaining defensive cards. If your opponent is playing passively too, start with some troops in the back and if your opponent is really waiting for you to make the first move, rush them with a small Rage Balloon push, nothing too big so you don’t get destroyed by the counter-push.

Double Elixir (2:00 – 3:00)

Once double Elixir strikes, it’s party time! Play much more aggressively with as many Rage Balloon attacks as possible. With the extra Elixir flowing, you can make much larger and stronger pushes more often. If you have successfully defended a push with more troops left over, counter attack immediately if you have the Elixir.


If you’ve made it this far, the battle is probably a close one. Continue to chip cycle damage on the Tower to whittle it down. Preserve your Tower since one mistake can lead to a defeat. Sometimes, you just can’t do any damage to the Tower. In that case, wait for the right moment then surprise your opponent with an opposite lane push! The beauty of the Rage Balloon is that it can easily take a Tower in one push.

lumberloon deck 2

Building a Rage Balloon Deck

There are 2 types of Rage Balloon decks:

  • Normal Rage Balloon
  • LumberLoon

The Normal Rage Balloon is more versatile on offense since you can place the Rage any way you want and the LumberLoon is more focused on defense with the Lumberjack and Balloon as the main offensive units. You can choose which you prefer. Here I’ll show you the slot method for building your very own Rage Balloon Deck!

Balloon Rage

  • Slot 1 and 2 – Balloon and Rage. This is obvious since the Deck is a Balloon Rage Deck.
  • Slot 3 – Spell(s). In this Deck, you choose to use either 1 support spells or 2 support spells. Having only 1 support spell allows you to have more defensive units but less spells to help on offense and vice versa for having 2 support spells. If you choose to have 2 spells take out Slot 6 (defensive support 2). Examples are: Arrows, Zap, Fireball, Poison.
  • Slot 4 – Main defense. This card can either be a heavy hitting tank killer like the Mini-P.E.K.K.A, or a building for a more solid defense. Rage Balloon decks should have a very solid defense like an Inferno Tower since you will have less card slots to work with. Examples are: Inferno Tower, Tombstone, Mini-P.E.K.K.A.
  • Slot 5 – Defensive support 1. The defensive support should be an all-round versatile card to defend with. Rely heavily on this card to support your main defense. Examples are: Executioner, ice Wizard, Musketeer.
  • Slot 6 – Defensive support 2. This is another card which will help on defense. This is used to back up the defensive support and/or and main defense. Examples are: skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minions, Mega minion.
  • Slot 7 – Offensive tank/support. Your offensive tank is a card which will absorb damage from your Balloon so the Balloon can float by with less damage taken. Examples are: Knight, ice Golem, Miner.
  • Slot 8 – Versatile response card. As a versatile response card, it should able to be used in many situations and help on both offense and defense. Examples are: ice Spirit, Skeletons, fire spirits, any swarm card.

LumberLoon Deck

  • Slot 1 and 2 – Balloon and Lumberjack. Once again, obvious choice.
  • Slot 3 – Spells. Spells are what you need to make up for the weaknesses of your other cars. Lacking splash damage? Use a Fireball to make up for it. You might even be able to use Freeze!
  • Slot 4 – Main defense. This card can either be a tank killer or a building for a solid defense. This doesn’t have to be too much of a main defense since you will have more cards to work with. Examples are: Inferno Tower, Tombstone, Mini-P.E.K.K.A.
  • Slot 5 – Defensive support 1. The defensive support should be an all-round versatile card to defend with. Rely heavily on this card to support your main defense. Since this Deck has more units, this card doesn’t have to be relied on as much. Examples are: Executioner, Ice Wizard, Musketeer.
  • Slot 6 – Defensive support 2. This is another card which will help on defense. This is used to back up the defensive support and/or and main defense. Examples are: skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minions, Mega minion, Inferno Dragon.
  • Slot 7 – Defensive swarm. Any swarm will work. This will help immensely to stop pushes Examples are: Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Guards.
  • Slot 8 – Offensive tank/versatile response card. In this Deck, the main tank for the Balloon is the Lumberjack. If you don’t like using the Lumberjack to protect the Balloon because he is too fragile, you can use ice Golem or Knight. If you don’t need an offensive tank, instead use a versatile response card. Examples are: Minions, Mega Minion, Miner, Knight, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits.

Example Decks

Remember, these decks aren’t always the right one for you. These are only examples. If you don’t like to use these decks you can make your own.

Rage Balloon

Clash Royale BalloonClash Royale RageClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Minions

  • Balloon – It’s hard to have a Balloon Deck without a Balloon…
  • Rage – In normal Elixir time, only Rage the Balloon when you know it will get to Tower. Only in double Elixir you can start playing much more rages.
  • Inferno Tower – Your defensive building. Only play it reactively against tanks and hogs.
  • Arrows – This is your one and only spell (not counting Rage). Use it wisely! On offense, these Arrows come in handy against minion hordes. With a lack of splash damage in this Deck, being caught without Arrows can be devastating.
  • Skeleton Army – This will be your versatile response card. Use it to swarms and assassinate single-targeting troops.
  • Musketeer – This is your defensive support 1. She provides extra DPS to help with the Inferno Tower.
  • Ice Golem – He is your offensive tank to protect the Balloon.
  • Minions – Minions are the defensive support 2. They can also transition to offense well to support the Balloon for extra DPS.

Another example Rage Balloon Deck is the Pompeyo Rage Balloon Cycle Deck

LumberLoon Deck

Clash Royale LumberjackClash Royale BalloonClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale fireballClash Royale Zap

  • Balloon – It’s hard to have a LumberLoon Deck without a Balloon…
  • Lumberjack – It’s a pity he’s not used often. He is great on offense with the high DPS he offers. Although, he is not too great on defense since he has low health. Lumberjack deserves an HP buff to increase his usability on defense.
  • Tombstone – This is your main building. You can place it early to bank Elixir and it can swarm (no skill) Elite Barbs.
  • Ice Wizard – He is your defensive support 1. His slowness ability is invaluable in allowing other support troops to do extra damage and help to slow down attacks so that over leveled (no skill) RG might not get the extra hit off.
  • Inferno Dragon – This is your defensive support 2. Use him mainly as a tank killer since this Deck lacks a tank killer (skarmy gets zapped and Lumberjack dies fast). He is underestimates by most people but he can be very useful on defense to take down big tanks, although he is basically useless on offense.
  • Skeleton Army – Skarmy is your swarm card. They help to clean up pushes against single-target troops and surround splash attackers.
  • Fireball – Mostly only use it on defense. It provides much value and use it on clustered medium-health troops.
  • Zap – Do I even need to explain this? 😊

Another example is my original OG LumberLoon Deck.

That it for now! Any compliments, questions, or insults, post them in the comments below.

Have a Clashtastic Day!