Best Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck

Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck

Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some refreshing breeze and a new Clash Royale guide. The season is coming to an end soon and we all want to push trophies with the new decks when the new season starts, ain’t we? Check out Clash Royale Strategy 2022

Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck is the one we will learn today. If you always thought that Electro giant is a waste, then try this deck. And if you already are a Electro Giant player, cheers!

Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck

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The Clash Royale Electro giant Dark Prince Deck costs 4.3 average elixir. It has a 12 card cycle. This deck has godly defence and good offence. The free-to-play score is bad as it has 5 epic cards but if you have these cards at good level, there is no worry.

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  • Barbarian Barrel: To clear ground swarms used by the opponent on our offence and pushes


    • Tornado: To get bring all the enemies in the Electro Giant’s range





  • Ice Wizard: The defensive support to slow down enemies

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Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck

Opening: The game starts and you will follow the basic rule of thumb when a match starts. Wait a few seconds for your opponent to make the first move. If they don’t you can start first. Depending upon your opening cards, play the first card. The Best Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck strategy is to place the Ice Wizard at the back, near the king tower and then see the opponent’s move. If you don’t have Ice Wizard, place the Dark prince at the left or right corner behind the Princess Tower. In a rare case, if you don’t have any of the cards, you can throw the Barbarian barrel on the bridge and cycle to the next card. What is not safe is placing the Electro Giant at the back or the Ice Wizard at the bridge, it will get wasted. Electro Giant placed first can go to waste if your opponent defends and also it can be very tough to defend for us later.1 49 screenshot

Mid-game: After placing the initial card, defend your opponent’s initial cards using Goblin Cage and Baby Dragon. Now we can start our first cycle of Electro Giant. When the bar gets full, drop the Electro giant at the back. Or put the Ice Wizard at the back first. Then wait for your opponent’s reaction. They can make a mistake here because they don’t know you have Electro Giant in the deck. Put the Electro Giant at the bridge, ahead of the Ice Wizard because Ice Wizard is a support card not offense. You should focus on the defense at this time in case the enemy sends a Hog Rider or any other building chaser in the other lane. The Best Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck defense is to use Goblin Cage or Dark Prince. Also keep Tornado and Lightning handy to get rid of defenses of the enemy when our Electro Giant crosses the river. Use the Tornado to bring all the enemies close to Electro Giant to kill them. Use Lightning if the defense are Wizard, Witch etc.

Attack Push: Place the Electro giant and see your parade marching past the bridge towards the opponent’s tower. Keep the Tornado or the Barrel handy at this time to clear out their troops placed to take out your support cards. Tornado will be used if they placed long range attackers like Magic Archer and Musketeer. Barbarian Barrel will be used if they placed some building like Inferno tower in the middle. We will try to keep the support alive and make the Electro Giant reach the tower, no worries even if he takes just one hit. If the enemy overcommits and fails to defend, place the Dark Prince as support on the bridge.6 47 screenshot

Post-Attack Game: You should be ready to defend your tower after the push. They will try to break through and that’s what we have to stop them from. Do not over commit trying to win in the first push. It will take 2 or three cycles of Electro Giant Bowler deck attacking to take out the tower. So just let the opponent place their cards and depending on it place your Baby Dragon or Goblin Cage. You can also use Dark Prince if needed. It all depends on what is the attack made up of. After a successful defense, let your counter-push start again. If you have Ice Wizard alive or in cycle, it can work as support for the Electro Giant. It should be behind the Electro Giant. Make the push connect to the enemy tower. This is the cycle we have to repeat twice or thrice and win the game using the Electro Giant Dark Prince Deck.

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