Best Counters to the Electro Giant | Clash Royale Guide


Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I am back again with some fresh air and a new Clash Royale guide. With October, the Shocktober which is the Season 16 in Clash Royale has started. We have some exciting new things added in the game this season. Electro Giant and Electro Spirits are the two new cards that will join the Clash Royale card collection. There was a draft challenge to unlock the Electro Giant, it ends today and I hope you all have unlocked the Electro Giant, ’cause I have.

In this guide, we will take a look at how to use the latest card in Clash Royale. The introduction has been covered in the First Look. Let’s get started!

Electro Giant Data

The Electro Giant fits among the giants and the golems which all are heavy tank cards. In Clash Royale, Electro Giant and the Giant moves slower than the Goblin Giant. Electro giant costs 8 elixir, equal to the Golem but the difference is that the Golem has a two-second deeply time.

The Electro Giant punches for less damage and punches 40% slower than a regular giant but that is not a demerit as Electro Giant has a counter mechanism with the electric generator mounted on his back. Every time the princess tower attacks him he’ll also reflect 120 zap damage onto the princess tower and stun it for 0.5 seconds. That means the tower starts taking damage before our Electro Giant starts punching it. Cool, isn’t it?

Countering the Electro Giant

As it is the 100th card and also the big guy looks cool in those goggles and the two lightning spheres on his back, we tend to use it. Even if you are not using it because you are a Hog cycle player for two years and don’t know any other deck, you should know how to defend yourself when your opponent places the Electro Giant every time they hit 8 elixir.

Bad counters:

Clash Royale Electro Giant

X-Bow: All the icebow trickers, take note. If you are placing an X-Bow for defending the Electro Giant, you are doomed to get rekt. It will be taken out quickly and the Electro giant will 90% of the times, punch your princess tower. X-Bow is killed by the zaps by the Giant and dies out in seconds.

Swarms: Swarms include here Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Minion Horde. These also do not work against a pushing Big Goggled Blue Guy. The zaps sent by the Giant when the swarm attacks him, take the army out in two seconds. These swarms damage the giant by 30% but then he will be punching your tower to less than half health. Bad counter, in two words.

Lumberjack: We have been using Lumberjack to take out Giants and Gobline giants but this also doesn’t work very well here. Because of its fast attack speed, Lumberjack takes too many zaps and dies while the Electro Giant is at around half health. And reaches the tower.

Inferno Dragon: This one is a bit interesting. It is a bad defence if you place on top of the giant in a hurry, see it getting obliterated if you do so. The inferno dragon can be a moderate defence if placed outside the Electro Giant’s stun radius and paired with some ground troop. It takes him out.

Good counters:

Inferno Tower: The Inferno Tower easily takes out the Electro Giant without taking any damage if placed rightly in the middle of the arena. Before the giant touches it, he is dead. Also, a decent elixir trade as Inferno Tower costs 6 elixir. Inferno tower can be beaten by the opponent by a little trick. I will leave it for the readers to find out and comment.

Cannon: The cannon at 3 elixir cost is a very good counter. The Electro Giant diverts towards it and the princess tower and the cannon takes it out together. The cannon is taken out by it but he doesn’t reach the tower. Win.

Mini Pekka and Pekka: Both the troops are heavy hitters and slow attack speed. Takes out the Electric generator guy very effectively and stays alive. zappies

Zappies: Zappies are actually pretty decent if you place them just right so that they stagger their attack to chain stun the giant and stops him completely from punching the tower. Be careful of a fireball or the support troops in this case.


Sparky: Electro against Electro. Sparky is a good counter even if your noobness panic makes you drop it right on top of the Electro Giant. The Giant may reach the tower but will deal less damage and the Sparky takes it out. Also, you can build a counter push with the Sparky. sparky
Note: If you think electro against electro will just short circuit or a similarly ridiculous idea like that, Don’t. Electro Wizard is a terrible defence against the Electro Giant.


So this was how you should think and defend your game against the new Clash Royale Electro Giant. Stay tuned for more exciting content about Clash Royale. We will try out some new decks and strategies. Clash On!