Electro Giant Healer Deck in Clash Royale


Hey Clashers! Krux is back again with some refreshing breeze and a new Clash Royale guide. We are more than a week into the latest Clash Royale Season 16 and the two new cards are here, namely, Electro Giant and Electro Spirits. We all want to rock the arena with the new cards, ain’t we? So today we will take a look at a new deck.

Elixir Golem Healer and Dragon Deck needs no introduction even if you are a casual Clash Royale player. It is called out to be the most toxic deck, sometimes a no-skill too by the players who lose to it every time. Whatever we call it, it is a deck and people will play it and make you frustrated. We will take a look at Electro Giant Healer Deck today which is a modification on the classic E-Golem Deck and works well. Let’s get started!

Electro Giant Healer Deck

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The Clash Royale Electro giant healer Deck costs 4.3 average elixir. The E-Golem has been replaced by Electro giant and the average cost is a bit higher but this doesn’t make this bad.

Deck Cards:

  • Electro Giant: Electro Giant is our main and the only tank in this deck and will be used to lead a push to the enemy’s tower.
  • Healer: The blonde girl will do its work as she does it in the E-Golem deck, healing our tank and support while they take out towers.
  • Electro Dragon: Our blue friend is here to stun enemy troops and eventually kill them and save our Tank.
  • Night Witch: Support card to build a pushes along with the tank.
  • Baby Dragon: Another member from the dragon family to defend and build a counter push.
  • Fireball: The pump response card in the deck and also burn enemies sticking to enemy tower.
  • Tornado: The defensive spell in Electro Giant Healer Deck to stop the opponent’s building chaser troops.
  • Barbarian Barrel: We will use the Barrel to clear ground swarms used by the opponent on our offence and pushes.

Deck Strategy

Opening: The game starts and you will follow the basic rule of thumb when a match starts. Wait a few seconds for your opponent to make the first move. If they don’t you can start first. Depending upon your opening cards, play the first card. You can place the healer at the back, near the king tower and then see the opponent’s move. If you don’t have healer, place the Baby Dragon at the left or right corner behind the Princess Tower. In a rare case, if you don’t have any of the cards, you can throw the Barbarian barrel on the bridge and cycle to the next card. What is not safe is placing the Electro Giant at the back or the Electro Dragon. Electro Dragon placed first can go to waste if your opponent has sparky and you will be wishing for the E-Dragon to come back in cycle.

Mid-game: After placing the initial card, defend your opponent’s initial cards. If successfully defended by your initial cards like healer and Baby Dragona and they are alive, place the Electro Giant ahead of them. Be careful that you do it on time and the Healer or baby Dragon do not cross the Giant; it will go in vain. If you can’t put the Giant, let the troops go and your opponent defend. You should focus on the defense at this time in case the enemy sends a Hog Rider or any other building chaser. Defend using any defense troop and try to build a counter-push. You can also use the tornado to defend from Hogs or Hog Rider by pulling them onto the King Tower.

Attack Push: If you have built a counter-push, it is great.

Electro Giant Healer DeckPlace the Electro giant and see your parade marching past the bridge towards the opponent’s tower. keep the Tornado or the Fireball handy at this time to clear out their troops placed to take out your support cards. Fireball will be used if they placed long range attackers like Magic Archer and Musketeer. Tornado will be used if they placed 2-3 small cards to kill our dragon and Healer. Bring the enemies to a point and let the Electro Dragon and Dragon eliminate them in a moment. We will try to keep the support alive and make the Electro Giant reach the tower, no worries even if he takes just one hit. The Healer and Dragons will deal a good amount of damage.

Post-Attack Game: You should be ready to defend your tower after the push. They will try to break through and that’s what we have to stop them from. Do not over commi trying to win in the first push. It will take 2 or three cycles of attacking to take out the tower. This is where you may feel that it would be better with a Golem. So just let the opponent place their cards and depending on it place your baby Dragon or Healer or even Night Witch near the Princess Tower. use your second card to take out their support. You can also use Tornado or Barrel. It all depends on what is the attack made up of. After a successful defence, let your counter-push march again. You must have used one spell in defence and be ready to use another to keep the counter-push alive. Make the push connect to the enemy tower. This is the cycle we have to repeat twice or thrice and win the game using the Electro Giant Healer Deck.

Tips: Correct use of the spell cards, i.e Tornado and Fireball is the point of making mistakes. So be wise. Do not try to hastily push and place Giant or wrong cards. Placing the Electro Giant at the bridge and hoping that it connects without proper supporting push is the recipe of a broken phone. Avoid it.

Electro Giant Healer Deck is must try for the E-Golem players. Let’s get a taste of the new card in the game using this deck. We will be looking into more decks. Stay Tuned with us. Join our Discord for more. Clash On!