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Clash Royale Witch



“ Summons Skeletons shoots destructo beams, has glowing pink eyes that unfortunately don’t shoot lasers.”

The Witch is unlocked from Arena 2 (Bone Pit). She spawns skeletons in a ring around her while unleashing powerful single-target attacks.


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6 524 166
9 696 220
13 1,011 321


The Witch has been a controversial card since the game was released. In fact, she has been buffed more than any other card in the game, and drastically polarized the meta during seasons 3-5. She can almost always be found within the mid ladder, but her usage drastically falls off as you reach higher leagues due to players learning how to counter her.


Countering the Witch is relatively simple if you can take care of the constant waves of skeletons. She can take care of outright by Rocket or Lighting, but if these aren’t available then you need to be more creative. Splash units can take care of Witch easily. Wizard, Executioner, and Magic Archer excel at taking out both the Witch and her skeletons. However, the Witch can also be taken care of by a well-placed tank killer, such as a Mini-Pekka. It does take a little practice to land it right on the Witch, but doing so will grant an easy kill. You can use a small spell to clear the area before playing your tank killer to ensure that it connects.



Deck #1

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The Witch does get obliterated by heavy spells, and can also be taken out by splash units. She is good against melee units that can’t get past her skeletons.


The Witch can be replaced by other support units, and especially by the Night Witch.

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