Lava Hound Night Witch | Clash Royale Deck


Hey! We are back again with a new Clash Royale deck guide. The new Clash Royale Season 19 called Frozen peak has started. Lava Hound Night Witch emerged as a meta deck in the late Season 18 and it is going strong. We have Shreyas K with us who plays this deck and has shared this guide. Let’s see how to use this deck to overpower your opponents!

Lava Hound Night Witch Clash Royale Deck

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Deck Cards

  • Lava Hound: Is there anything to say about it? The mighty beast which is a great tank for other supporting troops.
  • Night Witch: Great ground troop for the deck, which spawns bats and bats synergises with other supporting units.
  • Goblin Cage: Best low-elixir building card for this Clash Royale deck. It draws all the hog riders, giants, electro giants and saves your tower and buys the towers time to melt the opponent’s tanks.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Log-like card best for goblin barrel and other swarms of the opponent.
  • Flying Machines: High damage single target flying troop which synergises with lava hound and clears anything in the way of lava hound.
  • Skeleton Dragons: Air units with splash damage, clears swarms like minion horde or bats that opponent places to destroy your hound.
  • Miner: Tank card for the lava pups and other supporting units, can be used defensively for ground if needed. 
  • Fireball: To finish musketeers, wizards, electro wizards, magic archers that posses a threat to your lava hound.

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Deck Strategy

Opening: Lava Hound is THE BEST starting hand for this one, no worries if you don’t get it, you can always cycle miner or split skeleton Dragons in order to cycle to lava hound. Only use lava hound if the opponent does not go all in, you can always ignore cards like Spear Goblins, Goblin gang or Miner which are low damaging and save elixir for your big push. 

After defending the push or starting with lava hound at first, when the hound is about to cross the bridge always stagger skeleton dragons and flying machine at the middle of the river to save your lava hound from inferno tower and to target their inferno tower on your Skeleton Dragon/Flying Machine you can also plant the night witch near your tower when the lava hound does not cross the bridge so the bats she spawns will be targeted by the inferno, or to destroy any other buildings which pull the hound or to clear their defensive units by Skeleton dragons/Flying machine.
If fireball doesn’t work, you can play the miner behind their units so that the miner can shove them and then tank for the lava pups and other supporting units when the hound bursts.

Mid-game: After taking the tower you have to mainly defend, but you can always go for the 2 crown which is the better option so that the opponent does not get elixir for showing aggression on you with their pushes. You don’t want them pushing on you with a big army in this Clash Royale deck.

Defending: If a building targeting troop is played with supporters by your opponent, you can pull it by the Goblin Cage and play night witch on top of the supporters so when she dies she spawns bats hence buying enough time for the tank to die with the help of princess towers and goblin brawler.
End-game: Repeat the cycle on the second Princess tower of the enemy so that they don’t push on you while defending your tower. Walk away with a one or two crown win.


  1. Inferno dragon/Inferno tower: This Clash Royale deck doesn’t have zap so you have to not let their tower/dragon lock on your lava hound. You can predict-play a barb barrel so that their inferno connects on your barbarian getting enough time by your troops to surround their tower/dragon and finishing it. You can also use fireball for all the troops like Electro Wiz, Wizard, Magic Archer, Flying machine, Archers. 
  2. Hunter: He is very fragile but if placed on top of your hound/supporting troops he can melt them easily and efficiently so save your miner/fireball for him. Or trick play the opponent in using it before the hound.
  3. Beatdown decks (Giant, Golem, Electro Giant): To play against these decks with lava hound clash royale deck can become very tough, place your goblin cage 3 tiles from the river and 4 tiles from the princess tower before the tank crosses the bridge so only the tank will be pulled and targeted by both your princess towers then, use Night Witch on the supporting troops, use Skeleton Dragons or even you can fireball to prevent damage, also distract them by Barbarian Barrel buying more time for the tank to die.

That’s all for today. I hope this will help you. Thanks again to Shreyas K who shared this guide with us. Stay tuned with us for more Clash Royale deck guides and other articles. Clash On!