Avoiding Tilt in Clash Royale

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Hey, Clash Royale players from around the globe! I am JK Landa, and this is a follow-up guide from the previous guide published by Rohan Reigns. That guide explained and talked about losing streaks and tilts. This guide will specifically focus on tilts, signs that you are tilting and all the possible causes of them and how they can be avoided in total. 


As we all know, mostly from first-hand experience, we all have times when we lose massive amounts of games, which can possibly lead us to go down the trophy road and into a lower arena or league. The more this happens, the more we get frustrated and we want to play to get a single win. However, this will never happen because of our brain and how we are thinking. Our brain is only thinking about getting the next win and we slowly start to lose focus in the game itself and we make bad moves and then we lose massive amounts of trophies, which isn’t good! 


Tilts are especially common when you have a major losing streak and you just want to get one win. During this process, you and your brain are just thinking about getting that one win, but you aren’t really concentrating on the gameplay itself hence you will be most likely to commit many silly mistakes.


Times when Tilting can Occur

You can tilt when you are playing in a grand challenge or a special challenge and you lose that match and you are now out of the challenge. This will send hormones to your brain causing an immense amount of anxiety, causing you to go crazy. 


Another way you can tilt is if you call it a “fat-finger” or a “ bad play” on accident, for example putting the Sparky in the wrong lane; because this means you have lost the game since it is extremely hard to come back if you do a misplay during the final minutes of the game. You will know the first thing which I talked about, your brain just losing it. 


The next major way in which you could tilt is through having a poor connection, because this how Clash Royale and a lot of the Supercell games work.


Signs that indicate that you are Tilting

There are a couple of distinct signs which point out if a player is tilting. The first one is obviously that the person will start to rage and become extremely frustrated at the game and at times even start swearing at the game and blaming Supercell and the creators of it for making such a “terrible game”. However, we all know this isn’t true, because when they are winning they will say the exact opposite. 🙂

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Another major sign which displays if a player is tilting is if they constantly keep making silly mistakes. For example, they put low HP cards directly in front of tank killers, and high damaging cards. 


Another specific case is if you are playing a special challenge or a challenge, you will tend to lose many gems in either restarting the challenge or continuing on with the challenge. This will eventually lead you to spend real money in the game to buy more gems since all you care about at that time is to beat that challenge.


Luckily, tilts can be easily avoided with the tricks I will give to you below. So, make sure to keep reading on! 


Tips on Avoiding having Frequent Tilts

The good news is that there are various amounts of tricks that can be used to avoid tilts! 

Some of these tips and tricks are easy to follow as to adding 1+1! (As stated earlier)


If you are doing ladder, just stop playing ladder for some time.

Relax. Take a deep breath. And exhale. 

Now. that you are calmed down, you can start to play other game modes, NOT the game mode you were previously playing. For example, if you were playing ladder before the tilt, I will highly recommend you playing 2 vs 2, or another party mode because in this way, you won’t lose trophies, even if you lose. This way you are practicing your moves for when you are going to play those ladder matches. 


Another trick that can come in handy is when your opponent BM’s you by doing emotes, especially when they do the “king crying” emoji, which just rubs into your face, you can either just mute emotes or another way to get your opponent to shut up is you could do another counter emoji, for example in this case “the king laughing emoji” to make it seem that you don’t care and your opponent will get the hint and they will stop. Choose whichever suits you.


For avoiding “fat fingering”, it is best advisable that you should have your full concentration on the match and both your hands should be holding the device and make sure your finger is firm so you don’t accidentally misplace your unit.


If you are playing a challenge or a special challenge, the only best trick I can give you is that you should take a break from the challenge or even the game itself for some good time while you calm down and relax. 


As you might have deduced, the majority of these tricks have one thing in common and that is that you should take breaks while playing the game and especially if you are losing many games. A bonus is that you don’t kill your eyes, too! 🙂 Take a break and analyze your mistakes by rewatching your past matches and also you can look at other players and learn from them. As known, a person can get better by learning!


Thank you guys for reading this guide. If you appreciated it, leave it down in the comments and tell me also if you feel anything can be edited, I will sure try my best to do that!