Super Magical Chest

Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

Okay so I have received a lot of questions about the Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale lately. Let’s take a look at this big baby today. I am going to explain everything about it for you!

Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

Everything about Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

The Super Magical Chest contains a lot of more rewards than all other ones (Silver, Gold, Magical…). All chests in Clash Royale don’t drop randomly, they follow a certain pattern (you can read more at here), except this one, it is a little bit different.

Players get 1 Super Magical Chest for every 500 chests obtained through the regular cycle. The SMC has a chance of dropping anytime inside the 500 chest cycle once.
You will still remain on the cycle and you will not get another Super Magical Chest until the 500-chest cycle is finished. This 500-chest cycle starts once you reaches 400 trophies, which means you can’t get any SMC If you are always below 400. Once you got into the cycle, it never stops, even when you dip below 400 trophies.

For example, If you get the Super Magical Chest at the spot #1, you will remain in the cycle for the next 499 chests. You will not get anoter Super Magical Chest for at least 499 chests. In the worst case, you can receive the next Super Magical Chest after the next 998 chests.

  • As normal, Free Chest and Crown Chest are not a part of SMC cycle.
  • No matter when you get the SMC, It never reset the 500-chest cycle.

Shared by Yarnn from Orange Juice, more details can be seen in the video below:

What does the Super Magical Chest contain?

A lot of stuffs! But they are fully based on the Arena when you open it. I have a chart here for you so you can imagine it easier:

Arena Guaranteed Gold Total Cards Guaranteed Cards
Goblin Stadium 900-1,260 180 6 Epics + 36 Rares
Bone Pit 1,215-1,701 243 8 Epics + 48 Rares
Barbarian Bowl 1,530-2,142 306 10 Epics + 61 Rares
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 1,800-2,520 360 12 Epics + 72 Rares
2,070-2,898 414 13 Epics + 82 Rares
Builder’s Workshop 2,340-3,276 468 15 Epics + 93 Rares
2,610-3,654 522 17 Epics + 104 Rares
2,880-4,032 576 19 Epics + 115 Rares
3,420-4,788 684 22 Epics + 136 Rares

The screenshots below are shared by wb81. He got 1 X-Bow, 1 Skeleton Army, 2 Giant Skeleton, 3 Freeze, 5 Witch, 72 Inferno Tower, 276 Hidden Tesla and 2489 Gold when open this chest in Arena 4. Awesome!

Hopefully you guys found this helpful. Please ask me anything whenever you want because it’s my pleasure to help you!