Mirror Bandit Deck – Meta Abuse


Hello I’m –M1K3Y7–(AKA MIKEY) and I’m here to show you how to use the new Mirror Bandit deck!

The deck takes some skill to use, but I won a Grand Challenge with my first try using the deck! This guide will include your starting hand, and will also cover countering common decks right now and counters to the deck.

bandit giant skeleton

Clash Royale mirrorClash Royale BanditClash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale Executioner
Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale WizardClash Royale The LogClash Royale Tornado

Mirror Bandit Deck

Best to Worst Starting Hand:

The worst starting hand you can get in this deck is Mirror, The Log, Giant Skeleton, and Tornado. If this is your opening hand, you have to push or wait for the opponent to reveal their first card. You should then respond accordingly. If you don’t have a way to counter, you can put the giant skeleton down in front of the bridge and let them counter it so you know if they have a defense for your mirror bandit, which is your main win condition.

Your best starting hand is Bandit, The Log, Electro Wizard, and Executioner. If this is your hand, you should focus on defending so that you can counter push with a Giant Skeleton or double Bandit push.

Countering Popular Decks:

Lava hound: LH decks are easy to fight if cautious and they don’t have lightning. If they do, you’ll need to be careful with how you position your troops so they can’t be taken out. You’ll also need to make sure you place executioner so that he’ll clear supporting troops as well as the Lava Hound. Use the Electro Wizard to zap all in its path and destroy the balloon

Zap Bait: With so much splash in this deck, zap bait decks are extremely easy to take care of. Make sure that you know how to use the Tornado to activate your king’s tower when your opponent plays their goblin barrel. If you can your King’s tower activated early on, you’re almost guaranteed a win with this deck.

Golem Beatdown: Golem can be tricky to fight at first but if you can take a tower early game using double bandit (when they place down golem and prediction log if they have skarmy) then you can use the Wizard and Tornado combo to defend against the Golem. If you can push down the other lane so their Golem doesn’t have any support, you can even use the Tornado to pull the Golem and Activate your King’s tower.

Hog Rider: Once again, you can use the Tornado to pull the Hog Rider to your King’s tower which will help solidify your victory. Just make sure you don’t give your opponent an Elixir Advantage so you can stay ahead of them. Sometimes you need to allow some tower damage so that you can get ahead for a big push that they won’t be able to stop.

Elite Barbarians: With a lot of expensive cards in this deck, the Elite Barbarians can be difficult to defend. The trick is to keep your Giant Skeleton or Electro Wizard in rotation and don’t push with double bandit unless it’s a counter push because double Bandit is stopped very quickly by Elite Barbarians. If you have an Executioner or Wizard on the map, you can use the Tornado to pull the Elite Barbarians away so they’ll be cleared quickly.

Make sure you check out this video guide and challenge winning replay provided by KairosTime!

How to use the Mirror and Bandit:

Mirror: Along with the Tornado and Bandit, the Mirror is a key card because it allows you to play Double Bandit, which most people aren’t prepared to defend against. You don’t always have to mirror the Bandit, but it’s recommended to do so early on if you have an opportunity, so you can learn what counter your opponent has to this unique push. Other cards that can be mirrored if needed include the Log and Electro Wizard.

Bandit: The Bandit is an extremely unique card that fits into a lot of roles. In this deck, the Bandit acts like a cheap Lightning to get rid of larger defending troops that are targeting your Giant Skeleton, like the Musketeer, Electro Eizard, or even Executioner. She is great on support, and if you mirror her, she can be used as a pretty unique win condition. If your opponent has Skeleton Army or Tombstone, you should be prepared to use The Log to support a Double Bandit push.

Thanks for reading the guide! I hope you have a blast with this deck and that it helps you make your way to the 12th win of your own Grand Challenge!

This is –M1K3Y7– Crushing the Meta one card at a time.