Prince Clash Royale

Prince Clash Royale

“Don’t let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Does 2x damage once he gets charging.”


  • The Prince has a special ability. As he continues to run, he will gain increasing speed. Upon hitting a troop or building he will deal 2x damage while immediately losing the speed bonus. However, he can regain it if he starts to move again
  • You can unlock the Prince from the Training Camp.
Hit speedSpeedDeploy timeRangeTargetsElixir CostRarity


  • The Prince can be used as an attacking troop and with his ability he can take down enemy Towers with ease. Use this Card with other troops to your advantage. Also, the special ability of the Prince is very good for early rushes.
  • Prince + Witch is a good combo since the Witch can deal splash damage and cover the Prince with her Skeletons. But, If you want to use this combo, you will need to care about your Elixir. Make sure you have enough Elixir to counter any countered-attack.
  • In defense, make sure to swarm the Prince with troops who appear in large numbers. This means troops such as Skeleton Army will outnumber the Prince and cause a large distraction to him.
  • A Tombstone can easily deal with the Prince. A Tombstone can kill a Prince at the same level.


LevelHitpointsDamageCharge DamageDamage per second


  • 11/1/16, decreased the Prince’s health by 4%.
  • 23/3/16, decreased the Prince’s charge speed by 13%.
  • 21/6/16, increased the Prince’s damage by 9%.
  • 24/8/16, increased the Prince’s damage by 2%.
  • 12/12/17, increased the Prince’s health by 5% and his hit speed to 1.4 seconds (from 1.5 seconds).