Royal Delivery Deck

royal delivery


“Deploys a line of recruits armed with spears, shields and wooden buckets. They dream of ponies and one day wearing metal buckets.”

The Royal Delivery is a 3 elixir spell that spawns a Royal Recruit after dealing area damage to air and ground troops. It can only be placed on your side and takes a significant time to deploy.

Strategies for Royal Delivery Deck

Defensive Strategies

The Royal Delivery is a very strong card, especially due to its high damage on dropping and the shield of the Royal Recruit, which makes it effective as a distraction against cards like Sparky. For only 3 elixir, the same cost as Arrows, it can deal much higher damage and drops a troop, with the only disadvantage being that it cannot damage crown towers directly. However, this card is mostly meant to be a distraction and an all-around utility card that can slot into many decks, especially with the buff that it had in May. It is especially popular in the Royal Hogs deck which has been powerful for a few months now and is even stronger with the range increase of the Magic Archer, bringing the deck back to its former glory.

Despite the long deploy time, it only takes some practice and getting used to in order to use this card. It can be tricky to use against Goblin Barrel, but you should hover the Delivery over your crown tower if you’re expecting a barrel, and drop it pretty much as soon as you see the Barrel. The long deploy time is pretty much the only weakness of this card as a defence, but you will get used to it after a while. The card is also very good to counter Miner pushes as the Delivery can kill the support units and then deal with the Miner. Overall, extremely viable in the meta!

Offensive Strategies

The Royal Delivery is definitely not a strong offensive card. The only viable use would probably be as a mini tank like a Knight, to tank for Bats or Spear Goblins on a counterpush having just defended. It can also work well as a tank for a Hog, but because of the Royal Recruit’s low HP and moderate speed, it will not last long.

Best Royal Delivery Decks

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