Heal Spirit


Heal Spirit


“A mischievous Spirit that leaps at enemies, dealing Damage and leaving behind a powerful healing effect that restores Hitpoints to friendly Troops!”

The Heal Spirit is unlocked from Hog Mountain and is a short-range kamikaze troop that leaps onto units deals little area damage and then releases a healing aura.

Strategies for the Heal Spirit

The Heal Spirit is an increasingly popular card, being very versatile and able to fulfil the role of the Ice Spirit in a deck. It has even largely replaced the ice spirit in many decks, such as the meta Hogs Hunter deck which has been very popular in top ladder in the last few months, especially with the huge buff of Goblin Hut and Barb Hut.

Attacking strategies:

The Heal Spirit can provide huge utility and value to a deck, being a massive upgrade from the incredibly underpowered Heal spell, and able to heal glass cannons up to near full health from one HP. This had made the Heal Spirit popular in decks such as Elixir Golem, being in one of the most toxic E Golem Healer Rage decks this meta, because of the sheer number of troops that can build up behind the Elixir Golem’s multiple forms! Together with the Battle Healer, this is a near-unstoppable force.

It can also heal Royal Hogs very effectively, especially after they are fireballed, the little Pigs can gain back a huge amount of health after the Heal Spirit jumps into whatever they troop or building they might place.

The Heal Spirit is definitely a very useful card, much better than the measly healing effect which the previous Spell provided.

Defensive strategies:

The Heal Spirit is also effective on defence, maybe even on par with the Ice Spirit. However, one must keep in mind that the Heal Spirit does not provide the freeze effect as the Ice Spirit does so a charging Prince will not stop charging if pulled with a Heal Spirit!

However, the Heal Spirit has its own advantages as a defensive card. It can heal up large groups of troops, such as a Fireballed Musketeer, or anything else that may be present but with very low health.

This is why the Heal Spirit works so well in Beatdown decks as a cycle and utility card as well, because often you will have lots of medium health troops in the Arena, whether it may be on offence or defense.

How to counter the Heal Spirit:

You will rarely be countering the Heal Spirit because of its kamikaze effect as with all the other spirits, but logging or even arrowing it is a good idea, because if you place down a defensive troop to do deal with their multiple cards, the Heal Spirit will heal all their troops! This is particularly imperative if dealing with Three Musketeers. You don’t want to make life harder for yourself!

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