Sparky Heal – Surprising Off-Meta Deck for Challenges

sparky heal

Hey guys this is Regeneration back at it again with my second deck that I used frequently in 2v2, ladder, and challenges.

This deck does have replacements so fear not free to play people!

sparky heal

Sparky Heal

Clash Royale SparkyClash Royale HealClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale fireball
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Baby Dragon

sparky heal analysis

Card Roles

SparkySparky – Technically the win condition. However I use her more as a threat card.

For example, P.E.K.K.A Deck users know that chances are P.E.K.K.A won’t get to the Tower, even with support troops. If P.E.K.K.A does ever reach the Tower, she punishes the opponent hard, along with the support troops (if alive), taking out the Tower and possibly 3-crowning.

Same thing with Sparky; I’ve seen so many people over react to Sparky by Zapping, then spamming troops down to take it out as fast as they can.

Use Sparky to bait out troops, zaps, and use your support troops to finish them off.

No replacements for Sparky because she is the star, however P.E.K.K.A is the closest replacement if absolutely necessary. Level does not matter.

HealHeal – Supports the push you make with Sparky, and keeps her alive (Hopefully long enough to get a hit off!) along with the support troops.

Use it during a push or in a pinch when a defensive stop is required. Higher the better, however as long as it’s level 6 and above, it should be fine. Rage (or even Lumberjack!) is your best replacement.

IceSpiritIce Spirit– 1 Elixir. 1.5 Freeze that buys you time and more Elixir in Double Elixir time.

Use it to cycle through the Deck, or during a push so that your Sparky can blast away the frozen troops clustered together.

Level it up so that your opponent’s level is the same as your Ice Spirit. This way when cycling the Ice Spirit lands on the Tower (95 damage at tourney level, 104 at level 10). You’ll be surprised when these Ice Spirits start to stack up.

Fire Spirits are your best replacement.

FireballFireball– Originally this Deck used Poison to protect Sparky from swarm troops, however it was just too slow and a lot of low health troops ended up remaining and caused problems for me down the road.

Use it on medium health troops(Wizard, Musketeer, E-wiz, etc.), and Minion Hordes in a pinch. Great Tower finisher.

Replace with Poison(not recommended), Rocket, or any other splash damage troop.

ValkValkyrie – This one was a tricky one.

I experimented with RG, P.E.K.K.A, and other big tanks that do heavy damage and usually end up with little health by the time they get to the Tower.

RG was my first choice because RG Sparky is one of the most annoying combinations, and with the heal and the ability to bait out troops for Sparky to blast away, he sounded like a great option. However, I realized that this led to more swarms, and this Deck would only have one splash troop (Baby Dragon, I’ll explain later).

I tried P.E.K.K.A and mixed around the Deck to try and fit a second or third swarm troop, but the Deck got too expensive without a Pump (4.3 average Elixir cost).

Finally, I ended up with Valk. She’s like the Knight, but with 360 splash, excellent defender against Elite Barbarians (another problem I ran into due to their speed and damage), great Graveyard counter,and can tank for Sparky without worrying about swarms, which led to more troops baited out which means good for Sparky. All of this for 4 Elixir.

Replacements: Knight, Dark Prince, Ice Golem.

eWizElectro Wizard – Despite the hit speed nerf, E-wiz is still a great card on defense, and his .5 stun works great on Infernos and opponent sparkys.

Main defense against opponent pushes including Lavaloon(hate it), P.E.K.K.A pushes, etc. and a great card for counterpushing.

Level really doesn’t matter, however if you face a lot of Goblin barrels you might want him at level 2.

Replacements include Ice Wizard, Wizard, Musketeer, Inferno Dragon, and Inferno Tower.

GobGangGoblin Gang – I still miss the 3rd Spear Goblin, however I still prefer Goblin Gang over Skeleton Army as it is a bit more spell resistant and can somewhat act as air defense(2 Spear Gobs).

Use it to kite aggro troops like E-Barbarians, Lumbys, PEKKAS, etc. or as Zap bait.

Don’t forget Valk and E-wiz if Goblin Gang gets logged arrowed or zapped away.

Level 9 at the least, higher level the more spell resistant. Replace with Skeleton Army, Guards, Spear Goblins, Goblins, skellies, or even Tombstone.

BabyDBaby Dragon – The first Epic that I got from the wooden chest in that tutorial at the beginning; Baby Dragon is one of my favorite cards as he acts as a flying splash mini-tank.

Use him to tank for Sparky when Valkyrie is unavailable, clean up swarms like Minion Hordes, Graveyard counter when Valkyrie is unavailable, and take out support troops with help.

Replacements include all air targeting splash troops and Dart Goblin.

Using the Deck

Opening moves:

  1. Ice Spirit at the bridge to cycle.
  2. Sparky in the back to build up a push.
  3. Valkyrie in the back(Watch out for e-barb rushes).
  4. Baby Dragon in back to build up a push.
  5. E-wiz in the back(same thing).
  6. Goblin Gang at the bridge to bait out spells, troops, and/or chip damage.

If opponent blitzes you with a troop:

Hog Rider- Ice Spirit and Goblin Gang. Valkyrie and E-wiz if necessary.

E-Barbarians- Valkyrie and Ice Spirit. Goblin Gang and E-wiz if necessary. Counter push if you have heal in your hand.

Others- Same defense as above.

If opponent decides to build up a push:

Tank in the back- Put Sparky down. If not in hand, put down E-wiz in the back or Goblin Gang at the bridge and react accordingly. Valk and Baby D for support troops.

Support troop in the back- Place down E-wiz or Baby D in the back. Fireball support troop(s) and Tower for value.


  • Valk Baby D- Splash Push. Careful though as your remaining splash troops are Ice Spirit and E-wiz’s spawn(E-wiz doesn’t deal splash damage).
  • E-wiz Ice Spirit- Not so much a push but more of a defense against Minions/Minion Hordes. E-wiz’s spawn for other swarms.
  • Sparky Valk- Deadly. Valk for swarms, Sparky for destruction. Add heal if necessary.
  • Sparky Baby D- Same as Sparky Valk but with Baby D instead of Valk.
  • Full Push: All cards- Sparky for damage, Valk, Baby D, and Fireball for swarms and support troops, E-wiz, Ice Spirit, and Goblin Gang to keep every thing together and any heavy hitters, heal to keep everyone alive longer. This will most likely happen as a counterpush.

General Gameplay

Use each card for each specific role. Try not to clump together your troops and only do so if they are at the bridge for a heal.

Sometimes you may find that you might not even need your Sparky which is totally alright.

Do not overcommit, and it is ok to take some health from your Tower so long as your Tower does not fall under the heavy spell range (the range where 2 rockets and a Log can take it out. Rule of thumb: Stay above 33% Tower health).

This Deck is a counterpush Deck: Defend and destroy.

Apply pressure, don’t make mistakes, and never go for 3-crown: only do so if you know you can get it.

You may find yourself in overtime a lot. Don’t panic, it’s ok to go for the draw sometimes. A lot of times I find myself winning 1-0, so this Deck is not for crown farming.

Great for challenges and tourneys however!


HogHog Rider- E-wiz, Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit+ another troop. Baby D is not as great, and never use Sparky against Hog.

For Hog cycle their defense is weak so try not to let them outcycle you and punish them with a Sparky push. Downside is they have small cheap troops to distract your Sparky, and maybe even an E-wiz of their own.

For Hog spell bait, E-wiz on Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang on Princess, and Valk/ Baby D/ E-wiz spawn for swarm troops. Take out their squishy defense with Baby D/Valk and you should be fine.

eBarbsE-Barbarians– Valk and Goblin Gang with Ice Spirit and E-wiz for the rest. Apply pressure and don’t panic.


RGRG- Goblin Gang, E-wiz and Valk. Ice Spirit if necessary and counterpush with Sparky.

GolemGolem/Giant– E-wiz and Goblin Gang for tank, Baby D and Valk for support troops and tank when done. Fireball support troops near crown towers. If opponent uses Pump, Fireball the Pump instead. Counterpush with Baby D as tank and Sparky for damage.

3M3M- Fireball the 3M for +5 Elixir. If Fireball isn’t in the rotation use Valk Ice Spirit for +4 Elixir. Goblin Gang on tank or 3M if Valk and Fireball are not in rotation.


PEKKAGiant Skeleton/P.E.K.K.A– Ice Spirit. Baby D for support troops. Valk/Goblin Gang/E-wiz for Giant Skeleton, Goblin Gang/E-wiz/Valk as last resort for P.E.K.K.A. DO NOT LET THE GIANT SKELETON GET NEAR THE TOWER.

MinerMiner- You have Goblin Gang, Valk and E-wiz. Don’t let them out cycle you.


GraveyardGraveyard- Valkyrie for Graveyard. If opponent freezes her use Baby D or E-wiz’s spawn to take out remaining Skeletons. Goblin Gang for tank. If Bowler is tank, use E-wiz and Sparky near the river(Bowler cannot push Sparky back so he will remain locked on her.

XBowSiege decks- This is tough. Valk to tank, Baby D for distraction units, E-wiz/Ice Spirit/Goblin Gang for support. You can also use Sparky as a tank. Just make sure the siege weapon is locked on Sparky and not the Tower.

GobHutSpawners- Baby D and Valk are your best shot. Sparky is useless as there are way too many distraction units for her to get a shot off correctly.

Fireball the Furnace, and if opponent doesn’t use Furnace then Fireball either the Pump or Goblin Hut.

Just remember that the spawners are for lane control, and won’t have a lot of Elixir to defend with(especially after placing Barbarian Hut).

LavaLavaclone/Lavaloon– Toughest matchup in my opinion. Valk for support troops, E-wiz and Baby D on Lava Hound. For Lavaloon take out ballon first with E-wiz, then Lava Hound. Goblin Gang can help a little. For Lavaclone KEEP BABY D ALIVE. He is the only defense against lavapup clones with his splash damage, and if he dies then GG.

SparkySparky decks– Take out tank with Goblin Gang and Valk. Stall with Ice Spirit on Sparky, and use E-wiz on Sparky. Just remember that if E-wiz dies, fully charged Sparkys can take each other out.



Well I guess that does it for this guide I hope you guys liked this Deck. Feel free to experiment with other cards to see how it goes and remember: #notmytrashcan

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