Clash Royale Chests

Definitely Chests are the most wanted item in Clash Royale since you can get all cards by opening them and of course they are the only item in the game at this time haha. Although you can buy Giant Chest, Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest in game with Gems but them all can be acquired when you win the battles

Clash Royale Chests


  • At the moment, there are 8 types of Chests in Clash Royale: Wooden Chest (Free Chest), Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Giant Chest, Magical Chest, Super Magical Chest, Crown Chest and Tournament Chest.
  • Regardless of how many Crowns you get in the battle, you always get a certain chest after the battle, which is following this pattern.
  • The higher your Arena, the more cards you can get after opening Chest.
  • The chests you have also contain cards from lower leagues. For example, If you are at Arena 6, you still can get cards from Area 1 when open Arena 6 Chests.
  • If you got a chest from Arena 5 but you are in Arena 6 now, it is an Arena 5 chest, meaning it contains cards from Training Camp to Arena 5 only.
  • You can get only 1 Crown Chest per day by earning 10 crowns before the timer ends.
  • Only Free Chest and Crown Chest contain Gems.

Note: Please read this page for all details about the Tournament Chest.

Clash Royale Chests in Shop

Clash Royale Chests

ChestObtained byUnlocking Time
Wooden Chest Clash Royale

Wooden Chest

Every 4 hours and can be stacked15 seconds
Crown Chest Clash Royale

Crown Chest

Winning 10 CrownsInstant
Silver Chest Clash Royale

Silver Chest

Winning a match3 hours
Golden Chest Clash Royale

Golden Chest

Winning a match8 hours
giant chest

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Giant Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match12 hours
Wooden Chest Clash Royale

Magical Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match12 hours
super magical chest

Super Magical Chest

Buying in Shop or Winning a Match24 hours

What do those Clash Royale Chests contain?

ChestArenaGoldTotal cardsGuaranteed cards
Free ChestArena 121-243No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed
Arena 228-324
Arena 335-405
Arena 442-486
Arena 549-567
Arena 656-648
Arena 763-729
Arena 870-80101 Rare
Arena 977-8811
Silver ChestArena 115-213No Rare or Epic cards guaranteed
Arena 220-284
Arena 325-355
Arena 430-426
Arena 535-497
Arena 640-568
Arena 745-639
Arena 850-7010
Arena 955-7711
Golden ChestArena 150-70101 Rare
Arena 270-9814
Arena 385-11917
Arena 4100-140202 Rares
Arena 5115-16123
Arena 6130-18226
Arena 7145-20329
Arena 8160-224323 Rares
Arena 9190-26638
Crown ChestArena 1140-160202 Rares
Arena 2189-21627
Arena 3238-272343 Rares
Arena 4280-320404 Rares
Arena 5322-36846
Arena 6364-416525 Rares
Arena 7406-46458
Arena 8448-512646 Rares
Arena 9532-608767 Rares
Magical ChestArena 1150-210301 Epic + 6 Rares
Arena 2205-287411 Epic + 8 Rares (37% chance of containing a second epic)
Arena 3255-357511 Epic + 10 Rares (70% chance of containing a second epic)
Arena 4300-420602 Epics + 12 Rares
Arena 5345-483692 Epics + 13 Rares (30% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 6390-546782 Epics + 15 Rares (60% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 7435-609872 Epics + 17 Rares (90% chance of containing a third epic)
Arena 8480-672963 Epics + 19 Rares (20% chance of containing a fourth epic)
Arena 9570-7981143 Epics + 22 Rares (80% chance of containing a fourth epic)
Giant ChestArena 1400-560808 Rares
Arena 2540-75610810 Rares
Arena 3680-95213613 Rares
Arena 4800-1,12016016 Rares
Arena 5920-1,18818418 Rares
Arena 61,040-1,45620820 Rares
Arena 71,160-1,62423223 Rares
Arena 81,280-1,79225625 Rares
Arena 91,520-2,12830430 Rares
Super Magical ChestArena 1900-1,2601806 Epics + 36 Rares
Arena 21,215-1,7012438 Epics + 48 Rares (10% chance of containing a ninth epic)
Arena 31,530-2,14230610 Epics + 61 Rares (20% chance of containing an eleventh epic)
Arena 41,800-2,52036012 Epics + 72 Rares
Arena 52,070-2,89841413 Epics + 82 Rares (80% chance of containing a fourteenth epic)
Arena 62,340-3,27646815 Epics + 93 Rares (60% chance of containing a sixteenth epic)
Arena 72,610-3,65452217 Epics + 104 Rares (40% chance of containing an eighteenth epic)
Arena 82,880-4,032576 19 Epics + 115 Rares (20% chance of containing a twentieth epic)
Arena 93,420-4,78868422 Epics + 136 Rares (80% chance of containing a twenty-third epic)

Excepting Wooden Chest and Crown Chest, currently you just can have 4 chests in total.

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