Best 5 Tips for Bridge Spam Lovers


As Bridge Spam decks are still extremely hot at the moment (Come on man it’s the meta), I think mots of you guys will still find these tips helpful!

bridge spam

Best Tips for Bridge Spam Lovers

Tip 1: Assigning Roles

As bridge spam runs 2+ win conditions (opposed to the usual 1), the cards in your deck will suit very specific purposes.

For this, you need to make sure you’re holding cards for their threats.

For example, in a bridge spam mirror match, be holding Guards for the Bandit. Do this for every threatening card, make positive trades and counterpush on these.


Tip 2: Defensive Value

Every bridge spam deck will run a ranged DPS unit, something like Electro Wizard or even Bandit, so make sure you’re using this as a defensive unit.

Make sure they survive by using mini tanks, then counter push.

This defensive investment is more for your opponent to deal with, and it’s already gained you value.


Tip 3: Timing Spammage

There are three main times to push in with a bridge spam deck:

  1. Punishing an investment, like a Golem, as you know they’re now low on elixir and probably can’t defend your quick river push.
  2. After getting defensive value, as we just talked about.
  3. When you know you have a heavy elixir lead, if you’ve been counting elixir.


Tip 4: Tracking Counters

Whilst you’re assigning roles in Tip 1, your opponent is likely doing the same.

Make sure you’re aware of when their counters are and aren’t in hand.

For example, if they spam a Goblin Gang at the river, know your Bandit is free in the other lane of any gang interference.

Do this for all of your spam cards, and try to bait out any hard counters.


Tip 5: Predictive Plays

This sort of relates back to Tip 4, in knowing your opponent’s rotation.

If you know their gang is still in hand, throw in that prediction log to get a TON of damage for only 2 elixir.

Once you’re more advanced at this, start doing it with poisons on units for ultimate area denial.


And there are more in the video below:

Those are my Top 5 Tips to Bridge Spam. I hope you learnt something from this post!

Thanks for reading <3

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