How to use Archers effectively

Let’s talk about Archers today! I am going to show you some great tips on using them and you will easily see why Archers are very popular at the moment.

Clash Royale Archers

Clash Royale Archers and How to use them


  • Archers are unlocked from the Training Camp Tutorial.
  • This card spawns two medium-ranged and single-target Archers. They have medium HP and pretty low damage.

Hit speedDeploy timeRangeTargetCostSummons
1.21 second5.5Air and Ground3x2



    • 24/8/2016: Damage increased by 2%
    • 23/1/2017: HP decreased by 4%


First, let’s take a look and see some ideal counters to the Archers at the moment.

  • The Log/Zap/Arrows leave Archers with a sliver of HP.
  • Fireball: 1 hit Archers of course but only use Fireball If you can hit the Tower and other troops as well.
  • Ice Spirit: Tower will finish them off one by one.
  • Fire Spirits, Goblins, Guards, Princess, Mega Minion, Bomber, Knight.
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Bait Strategy

Although Archers are not really good at baiting out spells but they still come in handy. I usually use Archers to bait out Log so I can use the Princess later safely but only before my opponent is aware that I have the Princess.

Sometimes Archers are also very good at baiting out Fireball/Arrows when they are next to Crown Tower/Elixir Collector.

On offense

Beatdown Decks

With only 3 Elixir, you will get one of the best support cards at the moment. When I play Archers on offense, I usually place the tank at the bank and then place the Archers down once it is about to reach the bridge. They will real tons of damage while your tank is soaking damage.

As a cheap support cards, Archers are pretty tanky as they survive Zap, Log and Arrows.

Be careful If your opponents attempt to kill your Archers! If they are one of your main damage dealers, back them up with some cheap cards:

  • Log
  • Zap
  • Fire Spirits/Ice Spirits: Watch out Log!
  • 3 Minions: Don’t clump them together otherwise your opponent will Fireball them all. I usually place Minions at the middle in this situation.
  • Mega Minion.

Cycle Decks

At the moment, I usually put Archers in my Miner/Hog Rider cycle decks. For just 3 Eiixir, they are super efficient.

Why playing Miner decks, I usually place Archers at the back to build up Elixir for a push. Once they are about to cross the river, I send the Miner to soak damage for them.
When you want to rush a bit, place Archers at the bridge then send Miner immediately (since Archers are pretty slow).

It’s pretty similar strategy with Hog Rider cycle decks. Place Hog Rider in front of the Archers to tank for them.

On defense

Archers are so good on defense. While Archers are defending, the only card which can kill them for an effective trade is the Fireball. In the current meta game, they are extremely useful against decks using Lightning.

I usually place Archers at the middle to pull and attack opponent’s troops. In the middle, they are safe from being hit by Fireball:

archers placement

If I also play a defensive building to pull the opponent’s tanker from his supports, I will usually place the Archers next to the Crown Tower, as you can see in the screenshot below. Also, most of my opponents don’t usually use Fireball on the Archers after sending a big push since it’s too expensive.


Split Tech

This is my favorite part. Since Archers are 2 separate units, you can create lots of effective strategies with them! Below are the two most popular ones;

  • Place them right behind the King’s Tower to prevent your opponent from easily rushing you.
  • Place them in the very middle. The first Archer will target the oncoming troops immediately while the second one is walking away. When the opponent’s troops come into range, the second Archer will stop walking and attack them, pull them further.


Hands down, the Archers can be effectively used in almost any deck. Here are some good ones I have been using at the moment:

  1. Miner, Princess, Log, Rocket, Archers, Tombstone, Mega Minion, Minions
  2. Golem, Baby Dragon, Lightning, Tombstone, Archers, Mega Minion, Log, Arrows
  3. Hog, Archers, Ice Golem, Mega Minions, Fireball, Three Musketeers, Barbarian Hut, Log.

Are you using Archers?

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