Freeze Spell – 19 Advanced Tips and Strategies


Hello guys, today I am going to share with you the ultimate guide to using Freeze Spell, which was written by D-mate.

This guide will also include how to make a deck with Freeze, how to play Freeze, and how to counter Freeze! Now I know many of you don’t want to read, so I have done bold out the most important points to follow. Enjoy!


Ultimate Guide to Freeze Spell




    is unlockable from Arena 4 (P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse).

  • It prevents all enemy units (troops and buildings) inside its radius which were played before the Freeze Spell from attacking/moving.

Clash Royale Freeze

Radius Cost Rarity Type
4 4 Epic Spell
Level Duration
1 4 sec
2 4.3 sec
3 4.6 sec
4 4.9 sec
5 5.2 sec
6 5.5 sec
7 5.8 sec
8 6.1 sec
  • 2/2/2016: Radius decreased from 4 to 3. Duration increases 0.3s per level (instead of 0.4s).
  • 18/5/2016: Duration decreased by 1s.


How to use the Freeze Spell

The Freeze Spell, despite being a very niche card, has a ton of uses. It’s potential on offense and defense are limitless. In This section I will share 8 great tips on how to utilize Freeze to its full potential.

The Freeze Spell surprises people: use that to your advantage This is a huge point. Nowadays considering Freeze to be in most decks is very rare. Because of this, most players leave low health cards without a tank alone. There is simply no need to worry that the Miner or Hog or Musketeer or inferno dragon or Mini P.E.K.K.A or……… will get to the Tower. You should use this to your advantage and save the Freeze Spell for when it is needed most. Wait until you can get a guaranteed 1000 damage push. This will allow you to take full advantage of the surprise effect

Don’t over spend This is a more basic point, but only use the Freeze if you planned to use it. *Only after you have gone through the numbers, looked at the math, and see a good risk/reward payout should you use it. *The Freeze Spell adds a lot of Elixir to a push, and if it can’t be rewarded properly, or your already down Elixir, there counter push may be devastating.

Find the Elixir cost sweet spot for pushes with Freeze and stick to it Finding the right time to use the Freeze is critical. *Too small of a push and it’s a waste of Elixir. Too big of a push and they can punish you with a counter push. *Depending on how aggressive your deck is, is can range from 8 Elixir with a Hog Freeze to a 13+ with a P.E.K.K.A double Prince.

Its value comes from its offense-not its defense Rarely will you ever want to use the Freeze for defensive reasons. The only card I would suggest using defensive Freeze with is the Valkyrie, and even then it’s crazy expensive for its value. *Usually i only consider using a defensive Freeze until after you take out a Tower. *This is because the Freeze cannot deal any direct damage on its own. Only after you take out a Tower can you afford to use this to prevent last minute Tower damage, because offense has become a second priority, the Elixir disadvantage isn’t as bad.

Wait for your cards to have minimal health before freezing Yes, this one I obvious and basically every Youtuber shares it when they use Freeze as if you haven’t heard it a million times, but it is so important and is easy to learn. Troops in a Freeze will do the same damage if they have 1 hp or 1000, and have les of a fear of dying. Holding the Freeze allows you to stop there entire defense, and has no disadvantages.

Beware of Counter-spells Even if units may not be able to attack them, spells still work just as well. For some combos, such as double Prince, this advice can be mainly ignored, because the chances that somebody will think to Fireball low health Princes, if they even get that low, are highly unlikely. Balloon struggles with Fireball, so if they use it as there main Balloon defense, place the Freeze when the Balloon has half health. For cards such as the Skeleton Army, make sure there counter spell is out of rotation. *This will allow your units to get the full potential out of the Freeze and not just be blown away by spells *(get it, because the tornado spell spell blows units? Never mind :p).

If you can already deal a decent sum of chip damage, don’t bother with Freeze! Like any card, only use it when it is value. For example, if they counter your Hog with an Ice Wizard, he will already get enough chip damage in to get his value, and the Freeze would be a waste for double the cost. However, if they defense with Barbarians, Ice Wizard, and ice spirit, then of course you should use a Freeze, because the added value you get as extra with the Hog is enough to negate the loss of Elixir from the Freeze. And I’m imagining a rocket riiight down the Center. Ahhhh, that was satisfying.

Always have an answer on defense *There are a few ways to be able to have a good defense. *The first is to use a low cost deck that can always have an option available to defend after the Freeze. The second is to use Elixir pumps so that you have a surplus of Elixir ready to be used. The third is to wait for double Elixir, which will work the same as number 2. And finally, you can have such an offense that you prevent them from having a strong offense.

Remember the Freezes duration for last minute defensive Freeze Although the Freeze Spell feels like it has an incredibly long duration, don’t expect it to save your Towers. If you have a Royal Giant near your 400 hp Tower and 10 seconds left, a single Freeze won’t be able to shut it down. *Remember it and understand that it will never last nearly as long as you want.


How to make a Freeze deck

The Freeze Spell is a very nice card. In the wrong deck, it’s potential for loss is devastating. Played wrong, you can take an immediate 4 Elixir disadvantage, sometimes even losing a Tower, or the match. However when played right, it can allow for a devastating win. For a deck with Freeze, we are looking for a few things:

A win condition that can quickly make its way to the Crown Tower! This is important because the offensive value of Freeze is that it allows you to keep a card on the Tower dealing direct damage. If your card is too slow or too easily distracted, such as the case with Giant, the Freeze Spell isn’t for you.

Can deal with defensive swarms! Another important point. The Freeze Spell costs 4 Elixir and deals no damage on its own, so you must deal able to play an efficient defense. Without it, the damage outputted is simply not enough to negate there offense.

Can manage Elixir to have enough to play Freeze when needed! This mainly has to do with the Freeze Spells 4 Elixir cost. Although it isn’t too high, being able to play a 4 Elixir card when needed can be difficult. For example, decks with a 2.8 average Elixir cost, such as a cycle deck, would have a hard time fitting Freeze in because they play too aggressively and don’t have the time to save an extra 4 Elixir. Likewise, if you use a Golem deck then the pushes are already too expensive to make the Freeze Spell viable. Generally, the best deck for the Freeze Spell are ones where the cost is from 8-13 the deck it is played in is both not too expensive and not too fast.

Deck Freeze Spell Fits in (and not), strategy for that deck, and a pre made deck!

So now we know what you want in a deck with Freeze. Here is a list of decks it works best in! I will have a guide on how to play each along with a deck after the list.



#1: Hog Rider Deck

This is the best deck to use Freeze with. The synergy between these two cards is amazing. Hogs DPS combined with his speed and cost make him ideal for the Freeze Spell. To make a Hog Freeze deck, you will want a deck built almost entirely around defense. Then you can prevent maximum damage AND still defeat a Tower in 2 pushes. The strategy is to put as cheap a defense as possible and take the Elixir advantage to push with the Hog. Because these decks offer little offensive capabilities, rarely do the best counter pushes do anything more than chip damage. Here is my preferred Hog Freeze deck: Hog Rider, Ice Wizard, Freeze, Zap, Princess, Cannon, Knight, Fireball. If you don’t have a legendary, or not the two provided, try: Hog Rider, Barbarians, Minion Horde, Freeze, Zap, Fireball, Elixir Collector, Cannon.

#2: Double Prince/ P.E.K.K.A Double Prince Deck

Another strong deck to play Freeze with. The double Prince combo can deal tons of damage, and the Freeze Spell adds to this immensely. Be it giving them time to tear through a horde of Barbarians or to finish off that Tower they defended with a Minion Horde, the offensive capabilities are endless. However, you have to play it right. Playing at almost the opposite side of the spectrum of Hog Freeze, your goal is to tear down as many Towers as possible, as quickly as possible. You won’t be able to pull off a strong defense, so when you get one Tower, simply sacrifice yours to take down the second. It’s bonuses with P.E.K.K.A is strong as well. Often times it wont be to get extra Tower hits, because if it gets to the Tower it will usually take it out anyways, but instead is used to kill there defense, be it Barbarians, Prince, Goblins, and more. For double Prince, use: Prince, Dark Prince, Elixir Collector, Zap, Fireball(or Princess), Freeze, Goblins, and ice Golem. For a P.E.K.K.A double Prince use: P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Dark Prince, Elixir Collector, Freeze, Zap, Arrows, Goblins, Cannon.

#3: Balloon deck

This deck plays very similar to Hog Freeze, the main difference being that the Balloon is much slower, using its higher damage and air ability to make up for it. Its strength in the current meta is poorly shown, due to the introduction of the ever popular Mega Minion, but unlike other decks, it also adds the element of surprise. Being an air troop also adds to its strength, because if they don’t have a a powerful air defense, Balloon Freeze almost guarantees a hit on there Tower. However, this combo is also a very high risk deck. Against the right opponent, such as one who uses spells and Ice Wizard for air defense, you can easily reach the Tower. However against Air decks such as the Lava Hound, the Balloon will struggle to reach the Tower, and offer a lot of strong counter pushes that the damage will not make up for. I would suggest a deck of Elixir Collector, Balloon, Freeze, Ice Wizard, Guards, Knight, Fireball (or Arrows), and Zap. If you don’t have the Ice Wizard, Princess, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, and Minions are strong substitutions.

#4: P.E.K.K.A deck

Using the Freeze Spell with P.E.K.K.A shows the Freeze Spell functioning in a similar pattern to rocket. It has potential to destroy Towers and win games, but many times the Freeze Spell can sit and not be rarely used, if at all. Save the Freeze Spell for a push at 1:00 or OT. At that point you will have learned there decks strengths and weakness to P.E.K.K.A. Do they carry skeletons? Do they have a Elixir Collector? Do they have a Freeze of there own? These questions are some of a few you will want to have solved before the first Freeze. Usually you want it when they either have little to no Elixir or not enough for a melee card counter. Take advantage of the surprise and place it down only when it offers a huge reward. The P.E.K.K.A hits with a powerful punch, and often times 2 swings and some support damage chip will win a Tower. I would suggest trying P.E.K.K.A, Freeze, Elixir pump, Musketeer, Zap, Fireball, inferno Tower, &land your choice of any splash card.

#5 &6: Mortar deck and X-Bow *Freeze plays as a last second stall in this deck. *Have a Mortar locked on to a 600 health Tower? Freeze there units used to prevent Mortar damage to let it get those last few hits, and it can also played as a defense card in this deck. Mortar decks should have a defensive option for everything, because sometimes the offensive option is stopped very easily. For this, it usually involves playing a conservative Elixir game to defend big pushes with a Freeze and melee troop. However, I would personally advice against using Freeze with the Mortar. It can fit and work well, but often that slot can be better filled by another card. Try: Mortar, pump, ice wiz or Bowler, Freeze, Zap or log, Barbarians, Guards, flex slot of any 4 Elixir card.

#7: Miner Deck The Freeze Spell has so many uses in this deck. It’s main use is as a surprise card for an offensive push, be it a Zapped Minion Horde, delaying a threat to the Miner, and to just to allows tons of chip damage off of low hp cards. If you prepare Freeze in your deck, I would suggest trying to maintain as much Elixir as possible, and place cards while trying to stay above 1 Elixir to always have the Freeze Spell a close option. For a deck: Miner, Minion Horde, Goblins, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Zap, Freeze, Cannon, Musketeer.

#8: Lava Hound deck

The lava pups that pop up from the Lava Hound do a ton of damage. They are well spread out and overall a threat equal to 3 Elixir Minions. *The Freeze Spell is an option that is very high risk but together with the right cards can bring huge reward. *For this try to have a semi-tank in there and Freeze when it almost dies and that he doesn’t have a quick counter spell such as Arrows. A sample deck would be: Lava Hound, Elixir Collector, Freeze, Minions, Baby Dragon, Arrows, Fire Spirits, Miner or flex card of any semi-tank.

#9-11: Giant, Golem, and Royal Giant decks

As a general rule, tanks simply don’t work well with the Freeze Spell. There slow speed largely reduces the times you would use it, and cards that deal with the defense instead of an immediate pause of it work much better. If you do want a deck, use: Giant/Golem/RG, Freeze, Elixir Collector, Musketeer, Mega Minion, Fireball, Zap, Mini P.E.K.K.A, flex slot of card of your choice.

#12: Rocket deck No. Just no. *Why you would ever need a Freeze Spell with a rocket deck confuses me. *I won’t even bother sharing a deck.


How to Counter Freeze

Even if Freeze is not a strong card in the meta, it is often one of the more annoying ones. Being able to temporarily shut down any group of cards at once can be infuriating. Here are 5 tips on how to counter the Freeze Spell.

Constant pressure can prevent the Freeze to be played* In that sense it is similar to rocket. **The Freeze Spell is only viable if they have a big enough push to deserve it so as to not waste Elixir, so keeping the pressure onto defense and not offense can shut down Freeze plays.

Don’t bunch up all the cards used in the defense *The Freeze Spell has a decent sized radius, but that doesn’t mean you can’t exploit its limited size. *Using a mix of ranged support and melee support can exploit it, as can using air and ground units. Using this can make them choose which defensive card to Freeze while also making them waste or not play a 4 Elixir spell.

Use defensive units that can be killed by a spell This may seem counter intuitive, but it actually works. *Usually if they will have the Freeze selected and they see a card they can use a spell to kill, such as Minions against Arrows, they will Freeze then a spell to kill them, *making them take an Elixir loss much bigger than needed. The skeleton army is great for this, because it has a high dps for a low cost, and if they use a Freeze and a Zap or log, you can get a great value.

The Freeze Spell does no direct damage: exploit this This is probably the biggest point. The Freeze Spell can allow units to get damage, but it as a card can’t kill them. This allows you to basically get a free 4 Elixir for a counter push, and when exposed right, it can obliterate Towers. Always watch there Elixir, though. If they have multiple pumps or had an Elixir advantage before hand, they may be able to destroy your counter push at a good trade, allowing for another Freeze push.

Learn there risk value and push it Every player will have a different amount of risk. Some may use the Freeze at exactly 4 Elixir while you have 8, others may only play it if they have 6 or more and a 2 Elixir advantage. Either way, we can use this to our advantage. If they take large amounts of risk, counter pushes can win you the game. If they have low risk, constant pressure can reduce the threat. Either way, adapting to there playing style can make Freeze look like a Zap.

Thanks for reading! Please share any questions or comments below, as well as how much you read. D-mate out!