Double Miner Combo Deck

Double Miner Combo Deck

Hey what’s up everyone! Today we’re going to take a look at what miracles the double shovels (Double Miner Combo Deck) can do. And if you have wondered about what happened in all these years in Clash Royale, relive the Journey of Clash Royale.

We’ve recently had the new champion in the game, the Mighty Miner and it synergizes insanely well with it’s brother—Miner. Mighty Miner is a 4 elixir card that drills ground units with increasing DPS that can be reset with zap, freeze etc. Overall his drill mechanic is similar to the Inferno mechanic.

Double Miner Combo Deck

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The win condition of this deck is the Miner using the Double Miner Combo Deck. It usually is and should be played on offense for chip damage and also for hefty damage pushes where it pairs up with bats, skeletons etc. Nevertheless, against heavy golem and electro giant pushes it can also be played at the back when you don’t have much to play.

Mighty Miner

The main defensive troop of this deck is the Mighty Miner. He is an excellent tank killer due to his drill mechanic, but you got to be careful for electric shocks and icy freezes that reset him. His bomb can take out a lot of swarm stuff like skeletons, goblins etc.

Magic Archer

400;”>Magic Archer can be used to defend almost anything! Due to his vast attack range and vaster projectile range he is both an outstanding defensive troop + a fantastic attacker as well as supporter. This magical power is super useful against Lava decks.


No sooner can Miner be added to a deck than Poison in this Double Miner Combo Deck. Poison specially comes in handy against Graveyard. It has to be used in offense as well for chip damage. It really performs well against Golem and Lava decks.

The Log

Anyone can be crushed with bait decks. But don’t worry, the log has got your back. Log is the small spell of this deck which can not only be played against swarms but also for dealing continuous chip damage to the tower which also provides a helping hand in cycling cards.


This 1-ellixr cheap card undoubtedly helps in cycling. But wait, there’s more. These spooky skulls can be very useful in luring and distracting troops and silently deal a lot of damage in big pushes when no one’s watching.
When there is a heavy card played at the back, you can also opt to push with miner + skeletons which is just a 4 elixir push but still keeps the potential to destroy a full health tower.


When talking about cycle decks, how can we forget the cheapest and the best defensive card i.e. Bats. This 2 elixir card can work out miracles if used properly and can counter heavy tanks like giant, sparky etc. It can also be played with miner as a response to tanks played behind King Tower.


Here comes the backbone of this deck – Tesla. Tesla is a building that single handedly counters a lot of scary stuff. But as OJ has rightly said – “Timing and Placement are key!”

Tips to remember for Double Miner Combo Deck:  

  • Never leak elixir if your opponent does so.
  • Avoid stretching the game to 3x elixir.
  • Keeping attacking continuously with this Double Miner Combo Deck.
  • Find the right opportunity to build a push and attack in full force.
  • Try to cycle defensive cards like buildings in 2x and 3x elixir.


  • Miner – Poison
  • Miner – Skeletons
  • Miner – Bats
  • Poison – The Log
  • Tesla – Poison

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Opening: One key point that we need to remember especially when playing Double Miner Combo Deck against a heavy beatdown deck is that we should never ever leak elixir. Even if you’ve got a very bad starting hand just try to cycle cards and keep applying pressure and dealing chip damage. Remember that every single HP counts! This doesn’t mean you should use up all your available elixir but just keep throwing 3-5 elixir pushes and wait for the right opportunity to throw a massive push.

Mid-game: If you play defensive against beat down decks you must’ve got the right opportunity to have an ignorable elixir advantage by making several Positive Elixir Trades and can deal a lot of damage to the opponent’s tower nearly taking it out. Against other decks like cycle you need to maintain a lead and win in the end or overtime. When playing against decks like graveyard and control try to Control the game your way indirectly controlling their game.

Endgame: This time is mainly to win against Cycle, bait and control decks where you try to keep the game equal and then due to your cycle + control skills win by a little in the end. If you’re against a golem type of deck then you will be in trouble. Efficient use of elixir is must in that case.

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