Best 5 Boat Defense Cards For Clan Wars 2

Clash Royale

Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and back again with some warm wind and a new Clash Royale guide. Last time we saw the Best tips for under-leveled players. Today I will be showing you the top five cards to use for your clan’s boat defense in Clan Wars 2. So, before we get started there are a few things that you should remember.

First, your cards will spawn in a pattern based on the card slots you put them in. The card in the first slot will spawn first, followed by slot 2, then slot 3, and finally slot 4. After that the pattern repeats. Due to this unique system you will want a tank in slot one to soak damage for your other cards.

Boat Defense Clash Royale

Second, your towers recharge elixir up to 4 times the normal speed. This means using many high elixir cost cards like Mega Knight and Three Musketeers is actually good for you.

Third, your towers will only spawn cards when damaged and when its elixir is full. This means using combo cards like tornado + fireball is less useful and almost impossible to perform. Okay, now that we’ve learned the basics of Boat Defense lets look at the best cards to use!

Top 5 Boat Defense Cards in Clash Royale

5. Rascals

Clash Royale RascalsThe best formula to card synergy is Tank + Support, and Rascals gives us this in just one card! Just like in the card description, the Rascal Boy soaks damage while the girls attack enemies from behind. But due to the Rascal Boy’s rather low hit points for a Tank, I recommend putting this card in a slot that’s right behind a tank to cover this weakness.



4. Royal Hogs

src=”” alt=”Clash Royale Royal Hogs” width=”186″ height=”223″ />Next up is Royal Hogs. Royal Hogs are opposite lane pressure troops so they will be spawned in front of the opposite tower. So, you should put them in either your right or your left tower. You can also substitute this card with other opposite lane cads but I recommend sticking with hog or ram. I don’t recommend using cards like Elite Barbs and Lumberjack because they can be distracted by other troops while ram and hogs only get distracted by buildings. In the end its up to your own personal choice.

3. Bowler

/>src=”” alt=”Clash Royale Bowler” width=”180″ height=”216″ />The Bowler is an amazing defensive card for just 5 elixir. His penetrating attack and ability to knock back some enemies makes him a good choice for defending against big pushes. His boulder can easily counter Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Royal Hogs, and even Barbarians. However, his weakness is the inability to attack air units and slow hit speed that results in not being able to counter Tanks. He can also get killed by P.E.K.K.A in just a few shots. To cover his weaknesses, you can put a more higher health unit and an air targeting DPS unit in the slots before him.

2. Inferno Tower

Clash Royale Inferno Tower/>Beatdown decks have been pretty popular in Boat Battles, and what better way to take down tanks than roasting them with Inferno Tower. Being a building, the Inferno Tower will not only melt down tanks but distracts them from attacking your tower (if they haven’t already targeted your tower). Since buildings are spawned in front of their tower in Boat Battles, you should place the Inferno Tower in the center tower to gain better placement. If you’re seeing a lot of clone decks, you should consider switching to Bomb Tower as it has more area control. Tesla is also a good substitute for Inferno Tower.

1. Barbarians

Clash Royale BarbariansLike I’ve said above, when building boat defenses, you’d want high elixir cards since your elixir charges 4 times the normal rate. And the highest Elixir swarmies is Barbarians.  They’re packed with thick health and a terrifyingly high DPS. They can quickly shred any tanks that tries to destroy your tower (unless it’s Mega Knight). And the enemy will need at least a wizard or fireball to counter them. When using this card, do not put them in slot one because you’ll want to but a heavier unit there to soak most of the damage. You can also use Minion Horde if you want an air swarm.