5 Best Tips for Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale

Ladder Clash Royale

Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some March weather and a new 5 Best Tips for Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale guide. Are you fed up with matchmaking? Does losing to Level 14 opponents make you wanna smash your phone to the ground? If yes, don’t do that and read this guide instead. You can climb the ladder and beat your personal best but you are frustrated that it is not happening. Unfair matchmaking is irritating but we can learn and have our way around it. And nothing is more satisfactory than defeating the over-leveled players and then using emotes 😛

Are you under-leveled?

How to know this? There is a very simple way to answer this question, all you have to do is play 10 matches and then check in how many matches was the opponent’s level higher than yours. If the level difference was negative for you (that means you are lower than the opponent) in more than 5 matches, then you are an under-leveled player in the arena you are playing. If your level was higher in more than 5 matches, then no need to read further cause you are already making lives tough for the newbies, haha. 

What do I do now?

First of all, what you should not do—throw your phone to the floor breaking it into pieces, that won’t help. Change your deck because it doesn’t work. It may be the case that your deck is not good but there are other issues also and if you are sure of your deck, it’s not a deck problem. So what to do? Here are 5 Best Tips for Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale.

1. Find a deck which has a good free to play score

What is free to play? I’m not paying to play Clash Royale anyway! Free to play score tells if a card can be strong even when at a lower lever. It tells how difficult it is to upgrade the cards of that deck without having to buy the pass royale or cards from the shop. A deck with a lot of legendary cards and epic cards is not very free to play because those cards are harder to get and take a long time to upgrade them to high levels. Deck should be balanced with common, rare and epic cards. You can check the free-to-play score for your deck on Deckshop. Check out Graveyard Log Bait guide.

2. Master a card and focus on leveling it up

It’s a good idea to choose a win condition or a heavy card which you’re gonna learn and play the most. Mastering a card takes time but when you do, you can level it up. This will help you to invest gold in valuable cards and not in fire spirits just for the sake of leveling up your king tower. Use the gold wisely and on cards that you play because gold becomes scarce on higher levels. Having mastered two or three cards helps more than king level. For example, choose Mega Knight, Prince, or Pekka to level up sooner than others.

3. Request. Request. Donate

Another effective way to help you level up your cards is to join a clan and request for the cards you have mastered. An active clan can help a lot. But make sure that you do not just keep asking for cards but also donate. Donating will help you gain the clan’s trust and also get promoted. It also gives you XP and gold, so don’t be a selfish card hoarder! Requesting and donating will outshine your Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale.


4. Join free private tournaments

400;”>Joining free private tournaments is the best way to understand the core mechanics of each card in Clash Royale. Make sure to try something new every time you participate in a private tournament. This will help you to compete with players just like in ladder but you will not have to sacrifice your trophies. You can find tournaments in the game itself or join Discord for an active community playing these. Joining and winning private tournaments are the Best Tips for Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale.

5. Play your cards at right places and manage elixir better

Sometimes one wrong card or placement can make people lose the match. With practice, you can learn new and better ways to use the cards and find new spots to play them so that they perform the best. Your opponent will overcommit elixir at some point or make a wrong choice, you have to take advantage of that mistake and turn the game around. This will come with time and you will enjoy it. Watch Clash Royale YouTube or read more guides to learn this faster.


Don’t fret when you see an over-leveled opponent, just go into the arena with confidence that you will win. Being under-leveled will not be a problem for you if you follow these tips for some time. After all, patience is the key to everything. Following the 5 Best Tips for Under-leveled Players in Clash Royale will increase your chance of winning.

That’s all for today. I hope you’re gonna rock the ladder. If you have another tip you want to share with or wanna discuss more about Clash Royale, join our Discord. Clash on!