How to defend against Prince

Best counters to Prince

Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back with some January jollies and a new Clash royale guide. I hope you are enjoying the new year season. In the last post, we learnt how to counter the Mega Knight. Another card which troubles players in the lower and middle arenas is the Prince. Prince’s lance can poke us to a fit if we aren’t able to defend. Let’s get started right away!

About Prince

“Don’t let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Deals double damage once he gets charging.”

Best counters to Prince

The card description is apt and on point. Prince is a melee troop unlocked in Arena 7. The part where it makes him a threat is his charging with the lance pointed. When he hits a target, it deals double damage. The normal damage is 392 at level 11 and the double is 774. Now that’s really something.

Best Prince Counters

goblin gang1. Goblin gang: our green friends are one of the best defences against the Prince. They cost 3 elixir and will not only stop the prince but also get rid of him with the help of the princess tower. Their attack speed is fast and they reduce the Prince’s health a lot. We have to be careful using these when the opponent has more than one spell to kill the goblins, such as the Log or an overleveled Zap.


2. skeleton hordeSkeleton Army: The most visible and one of the best counters to prince in the mid-ladder. The Prince is so angry that we need an army to stop him. Haha, no, the skeletons are too many for the little prince. It is a pleasure to see the Prince’s charge going to waste on a feeble skeleton. A three-elixir defence against it. With this one also, we need to make sure that we have forced our opponent to use their Zap or Log already. Because that can turn things for us.

skeleton warriors3. Guards: These are skeletons with wooden shields and fewer in number. The shield takes an extra hit to break and it takes all the damage by the charging prince. Another 3-elixit card to stop the royal lad in his tracks. Also, Zap doesn’t work on these. Though Log and Fireball are the spells we need to look out for while using Guards as the counter to Prince.

clash royale mega knight

4. Mega Knight:
Mega knight is versatile or call it takes little thinking 😛 When you are out of good defences and the yellow armoured prince is charging towards your tower, you just drop the big guy on him. Mega Knight successfully counters the prince given his hitpoints which can take the damage and still keep fighting. But don’t expect Mega knight to go and fight in the arena after that. His health is reduced and cannot reach the tower. Mega knight costs 6 elixir but it is an effective counter to the prince.

prince5. Prince: Diamond cuts diamond and in a war, a prince kills a prince. If you are short on soldiers such as guards or goblins, Prince is the one you will want to use. One of the best counters to Prince and also an offensive card to use. So, it’s all fun in having it in our deck. The point to remember is that Prince should be placed behind the princess tower, so that when it encounters the lookalike, it is charging. After the battle, our prince will die out with one or two arrows from the opponent’s tower. Neutral trade this is.

6. pekkaPekka: Pekka’s large hitpoints and heavy damage makes it worthy of mentioning in the best counters to the Prince. It is slow but can take all the hits by the prince and kill it with the sword. Pekka survives the battle and moves towards the opponent’s tower, making them to use defence. Just make sure the opponent doesn’t pair the prince with a support. That would kill our Pekka sooner and we will have to use another card, emptying our elixir.

7. rage barbarian Lumberjack: If you are a lumberjack balloon cycler or want to be one, you can use the Lumberjack as a counter to the prince. Not one of the best counters to Prince but does the job. It takes the lance and the fast attack reduces the Prince health drastically. Couple it with a Log/Zap to save our Lumberjack. Though make sure, the opponent doesn’t have log baits such as goblins or skeletons in their deck.

There are many more defences against the card and combinations of troops which can be featured in the best counters to Prince. Some of them are Knight with a support, Zappies, Royal Delivery, and Barbarians.

That’s all for today. If you want to discuss about the cards, the gameplay, or just wanna tell how you clapped a higher arena player with your Prince, join our Discord. Clash On!