Giant Graveyard Deck

Giant Graveyard deck

Hi there! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with a cold wave and a new deck guide. The new Clashmas Season has kickstarted and I hope you are enjoying the snowy arena. We are going big with Giant today. Let’s get to know the Giant Graveyard deck.

Giant Graveyard Deck

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Clash Royale MinionssnowballClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Dark Princecopy deckThe Giant Graveyard deck has an average elixir of 3.6. It has a great offence and godly defence. There are only two epic cards and one legendary card, so the free to play score is good.

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  • Graveyard: Our win condition for this Giant Graveyard deck.
  • Giant: The secondary win condition and push leader.
  • Arrows: To clear the way for our giant and also for swarms.
  • Skeleton Army: Tiny but dangerous. Defence but can be support also.
  • Minions: It comes as one of our anti-air attack and defence.
  • Snowball: Low elixir spell to thwart the goblins and skeletons.
  • Musketeer: Our major air defence and support for the push.
  • Dark Prince: The heavy card for both defence and offence.

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The Giant Graveyard deck offers a godly synergy and versatility. There are not many blunders which we can make with this fast deck.

Giant Graveyard deck

Opening: We can start with the Giant in the back, the Dark Prince or the Musketeer. Never at the bridge though. If the opponent makes the first move, it’s better for us to judge and respond. Giant is better to place at the back than Dark Prince because Prince is our defence and we may need it later. If the opponent uses a Princess or Goblins at the back of their King tower in response to our initial card, use Arrows to take the out. After it, we will place our Musketeer or Dark Prince behind the Giant at some distance. Maintain the distance so that the opponent can’t drop a Mega Knight or Pekka directly on the support. We will now have the Snowball or the Dark Prince at our fingertips to use. Snowball for Skeletons, Inferno Dragon or Skeleton Army. Graveyard will be used if they overcommit and we clear their defence easily. They won’t be able to stop the Giant and the Graveyard simultaneously. After these moves, we will wait for out elixir to build up.1 28 screenshot

Mid-Game: There is no problem if we didn’t get too much damage from the first push. We now know the opponent’s cards. Depending upon the opponent’s troops, a combination of Giant+Musketeer or Dark Prince would be enough to defend. For example, suppose they placed an Inferno tower. We will place the Giant in the back and the Skeleton army before the giant to stop the Inferno tower from locking on the giant. Meanwhile Arrows will come handy. The Musketeer will support the Giant from behind.  Paired with a Musketeer or Dark Prince to kill the support behind it. If we could successfully clear the way, we will place the Graveyard. And now it’s time to watch the show with the Snowball in our hands.

2 21 screenshotEndgame: We are going on with full force on the opponent’s Princess tower now in the double elixir. With the Giant leading the push and the Musketeer, Dark Prince and Arrows supporting it. And the Graveyard, of course. Our big guy should connect to the tower while the Musketeer takes shots at the tower. Don’t hesitate to put the Dark Prince at the bridge if they try to kill the Musketeer. Double elixir is our advantage. We should have one crown with us after this encounter. In case, they somehow defend, we will repeat the attack-defend cycle.

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