Top 3 Advanced Tricks with Rocket and Tornado


Hey guys, Chucky here. I thought I’d create some content on my top 3 favorite tricks to do in Clash Royale as some of them are pretty awesome and can actually be used in genuine gameplay.

To define what I mean by “tricks” – something that is generally just a really clever piece of play or in some cases, employs a bit of cunning deception to do some extra damage. I’ve created a video with the gameplay for each of these tricks and a few slow motion shots, you can take a look at it below for more details!

Rocket and Tornado Tricks

Top 3 Advanced Tricks with Rocket and Tornado

The Rocket Goblin Barrel

This is a classic trick that’s been around for a while not but one that is so good, I couldn’t not have it on my list. The secret here is to try and release a Goblin Barrel at pretty much exactly the same time as a Rocket – the effect of this is that the Goblin Barrel remains hidden by the Rocket smoke for the entire duration of the throw until it hits the building. By then it is too late for the opponent to do much to stop the ensuing damage. The second clip in the video showcase this best as the Rocket and goblin barrel do a whopping 3800 damage to the King Tower whilst an Ice Golem tanks. This is fairly exceptional and undoubtedly came as a bit of a shock to the opponent.

The trick here is to try and wait for a moment when they are busy doing something else and won’t be focusing too much on what they perceive to be just a rocket. The best time to use this is either on the King Tower alone or when all towers are up, otherwise you’ll take double fire if one tower is down. If you can get a tank in front as well then that makes it all the better. Something like Ice Golem is good because they won’t perceive it as a threat and won’t put much down to counter it.

The Tornado Hog Pull

Hog is one of the most popular cards in current metas and it’s likely you’ll come up against them in at least half of the decks you play against. What better then to use the hog to give yourself an extra advantage. This is useful in early game if the opponent releases a hog on one of your towers. Use the tornado so that it covers both your king tower and the tower being attacked by the hog. The tornado will pull the hog towards the king tower and it will end with the hog getting one shot off on the King Tower activating it and giving you extra fire power that you otherwise wouldn’t have until one of your towers goes down.

As illustrated in the second clip of this – having this extra fire power does make a pretty serious difference, especially with multiple targeting. The tornado hasn’t proved to be overly popular since its release but this is certainly one method of using it that is very entertaining to watch!

The Three Musketeer Tornado

Once again this involves using the tornado (perhaps this will help persuade people to use tornado a little more) and is a really smart play that helps to diminish the effect of people using split musketeers with the 3 musketeer decks which are currently popular.

The trick here is to get the tornado down as soon as the opponent tries to split his musketeers. The tornado will pull them all back together as well as do a little damage to them and then you can use your fireball to easily dispense with them giving you a 2 elixir gain and a big smile on your face. You’ve got to be pretty quick to do this but if you manage to pull it off it’s pretty entertaining and sure to irritate your opponent!

That’s my top 3 favourite Clash Royale tricks – hope you guys enjoyed these and please let me know if you have any other good tricks – they bring smiles to the game which is, in the end, why we all play it so I’d love to see as many as possible.

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