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Log Bait mini pekka deck

Hey there, Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again after a break, with some early summer breeze and a new clash royale deck guide. There are many log bait decks in the game and they keep evolving. Today we are going to see the Log Bait Mini Pekka deck which is an awesome deck to learn in the current Season 23. Let’s get started!

Log Bait Mini Pekka Deck

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  • Goblin Gang: These goblins provide high DPS together, best for defence and counter-attack when paired with another card that takes the enemy attacks. They also are bait cards.
  • Knight: This is our low elixir tank. Can be the tank for the goblin gang in defence or for goblin barrel and princess in the offence.
  • Inferno Tower: Our answer to the regular Giants and Pekka.
  • Furnace: The second building card in the Log Bait Mini Pekka deck. It is our investment card to be placed when our elixir bar gets full.
  • Log: No introduction needed. Pretty good for squishy troops. Just be cautious if you are facing a log bait.
  • Goblin Barrel: These three tiny goblins can be our win condition. To be used when the opponent is out of spells. Chip away the tower!
  • Mini Pekka: Our pancake-loving friend can be used both as defence and offence in this deck. Also, a punishment if the opponent overcommits.
  • Princess: She is a super effective opening play, chipper, baiter and pressure play to keep the opponent on toes with their spells.

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The Log Bait Mini Pekka deck has an average elixir of 3.4. It has a good offence, defence and synergy score. Also, it has an average free-to-play score, so if we don’t have to worry about that too.Log Bait mini pekka deck


Opening: Start with the royal girl. We can drop Princess at the back as the first move. She is a good opener. The next step is to drop the Knight in the middle ahead of the princess. This way, the KNight will tank for the princess keeping her safe. Either the opponent would use a spell to take out the princess or just kill the knight with a troop. If they place some dragon, don’t place the goblins to die. If they use defence like a Mini Pekka or lumberjack, use Goblin Gang to take it out and keeping Princess alive.
If they make the first move and place some high elixir tank on the back, say Golem, don’t panic. Rush the other lane with Mini Pekka paired with Goblin Barrel. Don’t overcommit, two cards are enough to damage their tower and force them to defend.logbait

Mid-game: Furnace comes to our rescue in the mid-game and when the battlefield is silent. If your elixir bar gets full, place the furnace in the middle of the arena. Then place the Princess at the back. Wait for the response. The opponent’s move would determine if we should use a Knight or a Mini Pekka here. Use any of them to tank their offence and Princess and furnace chips away. If they attack with a balloon or a huge tank such as Mega Knight, Inferno Tower should be placed in the middle. We can also use our goblin gang here if they don’t have any swarm killer at hand. So, this is our defence in a few words-Tank Knight at the front, the Princess at the back and the building in the middle of the arena.
Endgame: After defending, we can attack their tower with the Goblin Barrel to get some damage. Repeat the Log Bait Mini Pekka cycle as we did at the start. If they put a tank behind their King tower, punish Mini Pekka and Barrel. If they don’t put Princess at the back and keep her alive with Knight or furnace as the tank. Also, the cycle gets faster in double elixir and try not to leak elixir if you are not used to fast cycle decks.

Weaknesseslog bait
1. Other Log Bait decks: Ours is the Log Bait Mini Pekka. There are a dozen of Log bait decks that players use. And one of them can be a tough nut to crack when we are just learning this deck as they have Princess, goblins, and tanks just like us. And we have only the Log. We don’t have any medium or big spell in our deck and the Log must be used cautiously.

A few misplacements in a match against log baits can be damaging for us. In that, we will have to defend the goblin barrel and the princess while also pushing with ours.

Log bait Mini Pekka is really fun when we win some games with it. It takes some time to get a hang of it for new players but that’s the way. That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Clash World for more deck guides, royale news, and other interesting articles. Clash On!