Another 5 Clash Royale Glitches


How’s it going Clashers? It’s MindgameR here with another Clash Royale Glitches article. I wrote the Top 5 Clash Royale Glitches article but there are more bugs in the game which are hella interesting. So we are here again to know another five Clash Royale glitches. Let’s go!

5. Bomb Tower Explosion Glitch

This glitch was a little bit weird. Whenever the Bomb Tower exploded after being hit by

Screenshot 20210402 180157 YouTube 1

 something that has a projectile range like Magic Archer or The Log, its explosion would increase the projectile range to some extent. This was super amazing whenever the Bomb Tower was placed near a Tower. For example, if a Bomb Tower is placed near the King Tower, and a Log comes and hits it and destroys it, though the Log doesn’t have enough range to reach the King Tower but because of the Bomb Tower explosion, it would cause some damage to the King Tower and activating it.


4. Confusion Glitch

This glitch is an OG glitch, but recently a new variation of it was seen. Earlier there was a glitch in which the Hog Rider would get confused between the tower and the Tesla as the Tesla opens up and closes down. It was in this way: When the Hog Rider would try to go towards a Princess Tower the Tesla would open up as it does whenever something comes in its range. Then, as we know troops like Hog Riders get distracted towards the closest building. So, the Hog Rider seeing the Tesla as it opened up would turn and run towards it. But, by the time the Hog turns towards the Tesla, it would have gone out of sight of Tesla and Tesla would close down again. Then the Hog would no longer be able to see it. But again by the time it turns back to the Tower, it would have been in the range of the Tesla would open up, distracting the hog once again. LOL!!! This process would keep on going until either the Tesla gets destroyed or something pulls the Hog out of this Circle of Confusion and puts him in some other place or tile.  This same thing happened with the innocent Golem but in a different manner. The Golem was in such a place from where an enemy Cannon and an enemy Princess Tower were at the exact same distance. Therefore, the Golem got confused about where to go first?!Screenshot 20210402 180234 YouTube 1

3. Game Crashing Bug

This Bug was something that caused real trouble. Whenever you dropped Lightning on the Electro Giant the game immediately crashed! This also occurred when you used the one card glitch with your one and only card placed on the second card slot from the left on the top layer. Whenever you try to play that card, just like the E-giant Glitch, the game instantly crashed.

2. Side Stacking glitch

This Glitch was introduced when the Mortar Time Challenge came into the game. But this can be done in any mode with a building in the centre of the river in the Arena. But, this glitch is only applicable for ground units. In this Glitch what you have to do, is that: To stack any normal card, we need to place that card at the very side of the Arena and then before it moves, we need to clone it so that it’s clone pushes it forward and Bravo! We have successfully stacked that troop into the side of the River.  But if we wanna stack the Skeletons of Skeleton Barrel then we have to just Fireball the Skeleton Barrel once it reaches the top of the side of the river. By using these methods we can literally stack INFINITE amount of troops into that small area!!! It was a popular meme on Reddit; at first there were only a few Skeletons seen stuck in the side of the river. But once they were cloned they formed like 100 Skeletons. 

1. One Card Glitch

The One Card had 2 ways to execute it. The first one was mainly used for 1v1s but that is too complicated to understand. The second one was used for 2v2s and it was quite simpler than the first one. In this, you had to first play a regular 2v2 match and then when the match ends, you hit play again and leave the match. Then in your deck slot, you select your deck which has less than eight cards and then your partner hits play again and you magically enter the match as well with your cheesy incomplete deck! And this glitch in my opinion is one of the juiciest bugs that ever existed in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale glitches

This is how the deck looked in-game.

So these were the most interesting Clash Royale glitches recently. Stay tuned with us for more Clash Royale articles.