Top 5 Clash Royale Glitches


Hey there! It’s MindgameR here. In today’s Clash Royale article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting bugs and Clash Royale glitches that have occurred in Clash Royale. So without any further ado, let’s go!

5. River Crossing Glitch

This particular glitch had two ways to execute. Out of which one way was an OG way which already got fixed. We could perform this glitch by pulling any unit like an enemy Pekka with an Ice Golem to the opposite lane and then when the Pekka starts to walk towards the Ice Golem and comes near the river pushing it with The Log would result in the Pekka getting pushed back to the other side of the arena. The second and the latest way to do this is using any troop that you want to directly cross the river without jumping or floating over it, a little tanky card like an Ice Golem and Clone Spell. You need to place the main card in the front of the Ice Golem at the edge of the river and then immediately clone both of them so that the two clones push the main card in the front and force it to break the rule.

4. Backdooring Glitch

In this glitch, what we do is that we simply fill up our side of the arena such that there is no place for another card to be placed there and hence, that card is directly placed at the top left corner of the enemy’s side of the arena.Screenshot 20210331 162651 YouTube 1 It is especially easy to do with the Royal Recruits as they need a lot of tiles in the arena to be able to get deployed. This was also performed with other cards like X-Bow etc. This glitch was broken in the touchdown mode, as there when the Recruits spawn on the top left of the arena, it was a direct win. Another variation of this glitch was in a way where all 6 men will spawn in one side of your arena and help you create a strong push.

3. Clone Spell Bugs

There were 2 different Clash royale glitches with the Clone Spell a few months back. 

Screenshot 20210331 162802 YouTube 1

The first one was with the Skeleton barrel. It was executed when the Skeleton barrel was cloned and it wouldn’t pop unless it got damaged. The second was a total game-changing glitch. It was performed with the help of the Mother Witch. Even when the Mother Witch would attack the cloned units, it would still spawn the cursed piggies. After this, it was so easy to create an army of cursed piggies as the cloned units only take one hit. 

2. Back Stacking Glitch

This glitch originally came out in 2019. This was only applicable in the 2v2 mode. In this glitch, we basically need to place a spawner building at the very back and side of the Double King Tower and place a Golem at the very back of it. 

Screenshot 20210331 170522 YouTube 1

This would result in the Golem being stuck there and we could stack as many units behind the Golem as much as we want. The Golem would only move forward when that Building gets destroyed. This was very useful for the Golem Beatdown decks as it helped it to create very big and strong pushes by stacking everything behind the Double King Tower. Even if the enemy tried to directly kill units there itself, he/she would end up activating the King Towers.

  1. Giant Tombstone Bug

This Clash Royale glitch came out as an April Fool’s prank back in 2016 and was only given to some Youtubers. 

Clash royale glitches

What happened in this was that the 3-elixir Tombstone turned into a Giant Tombstone and it spawned the same number of Giant Skeletons as it would have spawned skeletons normally! Just for the cost of 3 elixir one would get so many 6-elixir Giant Skeletons. The arena was filled with explosions. Boom!




That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading about the top Clash royale glitches in the game. Stay tuned for more!