Tips for F2P Clashers


With so many ways that you can spend and earn gold and gems in Clash Royale, it can become very confusing on how to effectively upgrade your cards and progress in the game. This guide is split into three different parts:

  1. General progression within the game
  2. How to maximize the resources you get
  3. How to spend them

General Progression

At the beginning of your experience the game, your greatest challenge is finding enough cards, especially Legendary cards. Eventually, as you climb the leagues, it is very smart to decide what kind of deck you are going to play. Many decks under the same archetype use similar cards, like bait. By choosing the cards you upgrade, it will be much easier to progress. As you are around level 11-12, trades become a great way to start maxing decks. You will notice that after maxing a couple of cards it is much easier to max others due to the fact that you receive gold for getting maxed cards from chests. At the end of your progression, gold becomes the main roadblock to progression, as you will have many cards that you could upgrade if you had the gold.

To summarize:

  1. Your main challenge at the beginning is to move through the arenas and get all of the cards.
  2. Deciding the archetype that you’re going to play is crucial to getting your first maxed deck.
  3. Gold becomes the most scarce resource at the end of the game.

Maximizing the Resources you Get

The resources in Clash Royale consist of gold, gems, and cards. The obvious way to get these is through chests, but there are many ways other ways, here are some of the best.



  • Don’t buy emotes, chests, gold, or cards in the shop. These are all horrible values. Even the special offers for gems.
  • Using gems to speed up chests and donation times is also a bad idea, and both shoudl only be done if there are only a couple of minutes left


  • The best way to get cards is through chests and donations
  • Buying cards from the shop is typically a bad idea unless you use them for your deck, as gold becomes very rare once you get farther in the game
  • Challenges can be a good way to get cards, but you cant choose which ones you get

Spending the Resources You Get

Spending the gems and gold you get correctly is one of the most important things you can do in Clash Royale, here are the optimal ways to spend them:


Worst ways:

  1. Buying Legendaries: This used to be viable when there were only a couple of legendaries in the game, but now there are way more and they are much easier to get.
  2. Spending gems to upgrade cards: Don’t do unless its a dire situation.
  3. Skipping quests/ moving down one rung Pass Royale: Horrible value.

Best ways:

  1. Playing challenges: If you can average 3 wins that this is a great value.
  2. Paying for bonus rewards in global challenges: If you have upwards of 10 wins. It depends on each tournament.
  3. Speeding up chests: Best method if you are unable to get lots of wins in challenges.


Worst ways:

  1. Buying legendaries in the shop

Best ways:

  1. Upgrading cards in the archetype that you plan on playing.
  2. Being used in trades.


Remember that in Clash Royale, there are no (free) shortcuts to fast progression, but these methods will certainly help speed up the process.