Clash Royale Clan Wars (Idea)

clash royale clan wars

Hey everybody! KairosTime here, with an idea on how Clan Wars could be implemented into Clash Royale! Clan wars would be another fun game-mode that would help promote the most skilled players in the game and allow them to support the rest of their team by winning wars.

clash royale clan wars

Clash Royale Clan Wars? Possible?

War Matchup and Duration

  • Once a day, the Clan could enter a “Clan War Queue”
  • Matchup would be based on Clan War Wins and number of players in the clan at level 8
  • Once a matchup was found, war would start in 2 hours
  • If both clans accept to start war early, the war would start sooner
  • War would last 1 hour
  • Players would go to a War Tab and select “Battle” when ready to face their opponent
  • Players that face each other would battle at Tournament Levels to keep the playing field fair

Winning War



War Loot



Other Notes

    • In order for this to be fair, live spectating should not show elixir count
    • This type of setup promotes activity because the players that play the most will win the most cards
    • This would allow skilled players in the clan help lower clan members improve their card collection
    • Even if your clan loses, and you lose 10 matches, you still get 10 cards
    • If your clan wins, and you win 10 straight matches, you would win 90 cards!


Watch my video where I talk about this, and include some X-Bow Giant Skeleton Gameplay!

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this idea! If you like the idea and want Supercell to hear this, you know what to do! This is KairosTime ticking by! We’ll see you in the Arena!