How to counter Hut Decks

Lots of players are using this strategy, especially below Arena 6 and most new players don’t have a decent strategy to deal with it. I am going to give you some good solutions to deal with those Hut Decks.

How to counter Hut Decks

Hut Battle Decks are pretty popular in Clash Royale. Players use this strategy always attempt to overwhelm you with the troops produced continuously by the Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut or the Skeleton Tomb. Sometimes, you will also face players who use Elixir Collector in order to speed up this progress. When they have a decent number of troops on the ground, they will probably use ranged/AoE troops like Spear Goblins, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Witch,… to overwhelm your troops. Sometimes, they may use the Rage Spell once all troops are on your land, skyrocket their movement speed and attack damage.

How to deal with them?

  • You should try to take down those Huts as soon as possible with your damage Spell Card (Lightning, Rocket, Fireball,…). The Lightning is extremely great at dealing with those annoying Huts with the large radius and high damage. Most of the time, you can deal damage to the Huts and also the Crown Tower nearby.
  • On defense, you should have Cards which can deal AoE damage (Wizard, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon,…) to the incoming squad. Zap and Arrows Cards are also pretty great against weak troops.
  • Always attempt to lure the enemy troops to the center of your side so both Crown Towers can hit them.
  • Don’t hesitate to drop a spell on a large group of troops and get the positive Elixir trade. The opponent will always try to bunch up his troops so also don’t waste your Spell Cards on just a few troops.
  • The Bomb Tower is not a bad choice at all. With 1-2 hits, it can take down a decent number of troops.

When should I start attacking?

Attacking wins the game, not defending. The best time you should attack is when the opponent places the Barbarian Hut (or Goblin Hut) by spending 7 Elixir. Just let those 2 first Barbarians hit your Tower, wait and use a high Elixir Card to attack the other side which is not targeted by the Barbarians (or Goblins). Most of the time, your opponent will be panic and wrongly drop lots of cards, you can easily deal with them when the opponent is panic, truly. Even If he can handle this, you still can deal a decent damage to the opponent Tower.

Do you have any other idea to deal with the Hut Decks? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions guys! Also, please share this post with your friends If you have found it helpful. That will help this blog a lot! You rock!

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