Clash Royale X-Bow


“ Nice tower you got there. Would be a shame if this X-Bow whittled it down from this side of the Arena…”

The X-Bow is are unlocked from Arena  6 (Builder’s Workshop). It is a long-ranged building that is used in specific decks that intend to cycle X-Bows quickly so it can lock on to your opponent’s tower.

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The X-Bow is a card that has been a part of the meta of Clash Royale since it’s release. It has had various levels of success but has sort of a cult following by a few players. Although X-Bow can feel utterly useless due to the high skill level required to use it effectively, it can be incredible in the hands of a skilled player. A huge part of playing X-Bow correctly is being in tandem with the rest of the cards in the deck.


The X-Bow itself is not what makes playing the deck hard. Defending with it is relatively simple once you know the positionings, and using it in coordination with Tesla. Here are a couple of concepts you should know.

  • The anti- Fireball X-Bow is great when you want to prevent unnecessary tower damage. It is 3 tiles up and one in the other lane.
  • The anti- Poison X-Bow still protects you but keeps your opponent from getting big value Poisons. It is on the opposite tower, with the corners of each building touching.
  • If you place down an X-Bow and your opponent counters it effectively, place your Tesla in its regular defensive position. You don’t need to place a Tesla down to protect your X-Bow every time, especially when your opponent is taking your X-Bow out with spells.
  • An X-Bow placed in the center of your side is uncommon but can be used when you already have one tower down.


Facing an X-Bow deck can be very annoying. Your opponent seems to have a limitless supply of cheap defensive units and will continue to pump out X-Bows. You need to maintain a fast cycle to ensure that you have counters in hand. The biggest counter to the X-Bow is large tanks. These can be placed in the center, opposite lane to counter push the other side. However, when playing these big tank decks, you need to avoid playing them in the back, as your opponent will play an opposite lane X-Bow. Big spells, swarms, and tank-killers can also do the job if need be.

Deck #1

Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale fireballClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice Spirit

Clash Royale The LogClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale TeslaClash Royale X-Bow

Deck #2

Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale The LogClash Royale KnightClash Royale X-Bow

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale TornadoClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Mega Minion

X-Bow decks play very differently depending on the matchup. In general, however, you want to play defensively and then continuously put X-Bows out in double elixir. Royal Giant, Golem, and Giant decks are some of the hardest matchups. They are hard to win unless your opponent overcommits.