Mega Knight Log Bait Deck

log bait deck

Hello, fellow Clashers! I’m back again with a new Mega Knight Log bait deck, this one is gaining popularity since early Season 19 Stay Cool. It has a good win rate and unique playstyle. So, let’s get started!

Mega Knight Log Bait Deck

Clash Royale Mega KnightClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale BatsClash Royale Skeleton Balloon

Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale ZapClash Royale Miner

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Deck Cards

  • Mega Knight: The only costly card in this log bait deck, with the huge flail-ball stuck in its hand, he splashes the enemies apart! His role is to be a heavy-hitting splasher in this deck.
  • Inferno Dragon: What to say about this mighty beast? Annihilates the tanks with his lava beam. Used as a tank killer for this log bait deck.
  • Bats: In this deck to provide more airy firepower with the inferno dragon, Bats have high DPS and they also act as a bait for the opponent’s spells.
  • Skeleton Barrel: Another bait card that is hard to tackle, the opponent has to be perfect with their spell timing every time for the skeletons that drop from it. Also when the barrel bursts, it chips the building/princess tower.
  • Miner: A tank card used in this deck to tank for fragile chip damaging troops like Skeletons and Goblins. Can be used defensively in extreme cases.
  • Goblin Gang: These goblins provide high DPS together, best for defence and counter-attack when paired with the Miner. They also are bait cards.
  • Spear Goblins: Again, bait cards providing chip damage and air defence
  • Zap: You gotta have a spell right? For the swarms and the goblin barrel, to zap the Inferno Tower locked on your Mega Knight.

Deck Strategy

log bait deck

Opening: Play Spear Goblins/Goblin Gang at the start to chip their tower also, it is very unpredictable and difficult to react to these at the starting of the game so you might get some damage that puts you in lead. Skeleton barrel is a good starting card too if your opponent has a bad hand, they have to spend more elixir, hence, giving you positive trades. If they make the starting move by rushing aggressively, defend by playing Mega Knight if needed, or use Goblins to counter-attack with the miner. If they make a passive start by playing something at the back, rush the other lane by Spear Goblins/Skeleton Barrel/Goblin gang. NEVER play Mega Knight defensively at the start as it gives chance to your opponent to rush the other lane and you won’t have anything to stop it.

Mid-game: Chip your opponent constantly, don’t let them build elixir up, apply pressure, the play style of this log bait deck is somewhat similar to the classic log bait deck defend tanks with Inferno Dragon, and if they have Electro Wizard or Electro Dragon, do not let it target your Inferno Dragon by obstructing their way by your swarms. Play the Mega Knight on their supporting troops when your inferno is locked on to their tank. Mega knight provides splash and good damage plus acts as a tank for Inferno Dragon. Bats do a great job of defence and counter-attack when paired with the Miner. Also, play the Miner with the Skeleton Barrel, so when the barrel bursts, the princess tower focuses on your miner which will force the opponent to react to it.Screenshot 2021 01 18 22 37 48 813 com.supercell.clashroyale

Endgame: Keep chipping the tower constantly this deck doesn’t have a heavy spell, you have to keep rushing and, after getting a tower, it is not very difficult to defend with Mega knight and Inferno dragon plus the other swarms. Don’t let the opponent build a large push against you because we have some feeble goblins at defence.


1.Splashyard: If you don’t know what’s splash yard, it’s Graveyard + splashing troops, you must be wondering how graveyard is strong against this deck if this MK Log Bait deck has swarms, that is because the Graveyard is not played alone, it is paired with poison/freeze, and both are bad for swarms as it forces you to spend more elixir, what you can do against these decks is don’t let their tanks like Knight or Bowler (which are usually paired with Graveyard) get targeted by your princess tower, predict their Graveyard and block their tank on the bridge itself so that your tower targets the Skeletons hence preventing damage.

I hope that this deck helped you with your trophy conquest. Thanks to Shreyas K for submitting this guide. Stay tuned with us for more articles and guides. Until next time!