Bad Matchups: Miner Wall Breakers 2.8


What’s going on everyone, its VJ here. Today we’re going to start a new article series: ‘Bad Matchups’. In this we’re going to be looking at some in-meta, anti-meta and off-meta decks, and we will be learning how to play them generally and against the bad matchups. So let’s get going.

There are going to be multiple articles in this and as our series opener we have taken the Miner WB 2.8 Deck that has been pretty popular these days.


Clash Royale MinerClash Royale KnightClash Royale Wall BreakersClash Royale Spear Goblins

Clash Royale BatsClash Royale fireballClash Royale The LogClash Royale Bomb Tower

There are a lot of variations not only in this deck but in the whole of Miner WB synergy, that are quite in the Meta, but I felt this one is the superior out of all of them, because in this deck we’ve got good amount of offensive troops such as Miner, wall breakers, spear goblins, bats and knight and spells like fireball and the log. The most amazing thing is that all of these can also be used defensively. That’s the beauty of this deck, All-Rounding Performance.

Deck Explanation:

Clash Royale MinerMiner:

The main element i.e. the root of this deck is this magical card ‘Miner’. This 3 elixir card can be used anywhere in the arena. It can be used offensively for some chip damage and it will also synergize extremely well with cards like wall breakers, bats and spear goblins.

Clash Royale KnightKnight:

Knight is the main tank card of this deck. He helps extremely well in defense due to his high DPS and hit points. He also is great at offense and even can be played at the bridge when opponent is low on elixir and just like Miner, he synergizes amazingly with chip cards i.e. wall breakers, bats and spear gobs.

Clash Royale Wall BreakersWall Breakers:

This 2 elixir card ‘Wall Breakers’ is a total game changing card, just one connection of both the wbs and it will deal about 800 – 900 damage. It can be played on the bridge while splitting it or even both can be played together at the bridge when opponent has spent a lot of elixir either at the back or the other side, or can be synergized with Miner or Knight. It is a great counter to X-bows and Mortars.

Clash Royale Spear GoblinsSpear Goblins:

Spear goblins are a 2 elixir card and can pretty much defend against all the air and most of the ground units. It also can be used as a bait card for small spells like snowball, the log, arrows, zap etc.

Clash Royale BatsBats:

At the cost of just 2 elixir spawn these 5 naught flying babies that are super cheesy when synergized with either Knight or Miner. Due to their fast attack speed and high dps they help insanely well in defense, especially when paired with spear gobs as both are bait cards for mini spells, but try not to use them together until there is no other option just because if you use two of your bait cards, you will lack in offense.

Clash Royale fireballFireball:

The main big spell of this deck is fireball. It’s a 4 elixir spell that deals about 150 – 200 damage and can be used to spell cycle the opponent and defensively. Always try to get as much more as spell values when using spells.

Clash Royale The LogThe Log:

After the big spell comes the 2 elixir small spell. The Log has the job of taking care of all tiny ground troops like skeles and gobs and even barrels.

Clash Royale Bomb TowerBomb Tower:

Last but not the least comes the main defensive card, which is a building. Although Bomb Tower targets only ground still it is in my opinion the best defensive building due to its death bomb. We need to use the bomb tower in different ways depending upon the situation. Sometimes it’s placed in the centre to distract all the troops into the centre so that both the princess towers and the king tower(if activated) can help in defending, while sometimes it is placed at the bridge so that most of the troops suffer the death bomb explosion.

Now let’s have a look on how to play this deck against bad matchups.

Bad Matchups:

Clash Royale GolemGolem Beat down:

• Against Beat down decks like Golem a 2 tower situation is always favorable.
• Try to get as much damage as possible in single elixir.
• Don’t allow the opponents to build big Golem Night Witch pushes.
• In double elixir to defend big Golem pushes try to play a bomb tower at the centre and cycle back to another bomb tower and place it somewhere else situationally.
• Always switch lanes.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound:

• 2 tower situations are extremely favorable.
• Place the bomb tower in front of the princess tower or at the bridge to defend lava hound and loon pushes.
• Don’t defend an alone Lava Hound by spending too much elixir.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard:

• Use spear gobs and bats in a distant form while defending graveyard pushes to avoid giving spell value.
• Never let pushes like knight-baby dragon-goblin brawler come to your side. Try to kill them before they reach your side of the arena, because if they do it will be big graveyard push and will be a lot difficult to defend it.
• Always switch lanes.

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giant:

• Always try to save your bomb tower and try to defend royal giants without using it, so that if they cycle another RG or do different troops push now you can use it.
• Switching lanes and duel lane pressure is essential.
• Try to get a tower or almost a tower in single elixir.


By VJ.