New Meta Prince Bait Deck

prince bait

Hi, this is Heiny again!

This spinoff from Surgical Goblin’s Prince Bait deck does amazing on ladder. This deck is even more better since the Knight got recently nerfed.

Trick your opponent with Goblin Barrels, Goblin Gangs, and Princesses.

prince bait

Clash Royale PrinceClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Princess
Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The LogClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Tornado

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Card Roles

Clash Royale PrincePrince: Buckethead is a tanky high damaging pony rider.

This pony rider dishes out high damage. He will give you 2 times the pain if you get in the way of his charge.

Use him to tank for your Goblin Barrel.

Clash Royale Goblin GangGoblin Gang: Part of your bait aspect.

These little guys are meant to draw out your opponents Log or Zap.

You can also use these mischievous green goblins to punish your opponent for tons of damage on the tower.

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelGoblin Barrel: Your win condition.

The Goblin Barrel will do massive damage with something tanking the arena tower for it.

Use this card to play mind games with your opponent and make them screw up with your tricky barrel placements.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard: Part of your defense.

You don’t have Zap in this deck so the E-Wiz helps with Sparkies and Inferno Dragons.

Don’t allow your opponent spell value on this stunning wizard.

Clash Royale PrincessPrincess: Your favorite girl.

Her arrows fly farther than any other troop.

She also does area damage. If you use her with Tornado she can do lots of damage to many troops.

She will help to take out support troops against a big push.

Clash Royale TornadoTornado: A massive control card.

Use this to activate your King Tower.

Or you can sweep everything together so the Princess can get maximum value.

Clash Royale The LogThe Log: The Log.

Pretty self explanatory.

Select, drop, destroy.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit: A cycle card.

This guy can help you cycle to the cards you want while doing chip damage to the tower.

If you Tornado everything together for the Ice Spirit, it will freeze everything for a period of time.

General Gameplan


This deck is a very fast pace deck.

If I have it in hand I like to play Goblin Barrel on the bottom most right or left corner (anti tornado position).

I see what they counter with it.

If they drop a Log or Zap, I will drop either Princess or Goblin Gang in the back. Respond to what they play.

Don’t go offensive in the first minute. Keep chipping at the Tower but don’t over commit.

Try to get their Tower down to 1500-2000 in the first minute.

You don’t have a Rocket in this deck so you want to take the Tower quickly.

Against a Hog deck, you should make sure you always have Tornado in hand.

If your opponent drops a Golem during the first minute use Prince and Goblin Barrel or Prince and Goblin Gang opposite lane to punish.

You also can’t kill pumps so Goblin Barrel it if it is in the corners or Log it if it is in the middle.

If they drop a Giant or P.E.K.K.A in the back drop a Ice Spirit Goblin Barrel combo opposite lane. Then place Princess in the back opposite lane.

You will want to play Prince on supporting splash or single target troops. Then play Goblin Gang to distract the P.E.K.K.A.

You can Tornado everything together for your Princess. If they killed your Princess you should have cycled back by now.

If it is needed drop Princess and Tornado.

When you Tornado, you can also choose to drop the Electro Wizard by the Tower to slow the tank down. Don’t support any counter pushes in the first minute.

Know that you know their deck you can play a little more offensively in the second minute.


During this period of time right before Double Elixir you want to prep.

Try to chip your opponents Tower down to 1000-1200.

If you are against a Golem deck, don’t let them Pump up for Double Elixir. Either Goblin Barrel or Log the Pump, or you can punish them with a Prince.

A good push to take out a Pump in the corner is play the Goblin Barrel on the Pump then Ice Spirit at the bridge to tank against the Tower and Freeze it.

Against a Giant or P.E.K.K.A they will most likely try another push.

You should do the exact defense against your opponent. But this time you should support your counter push and try to take the Tower.

Something to be careful of is not to split push.

Without a big spell it is already hard to take towers.

If you focus both towers you will get neither and then get wrecked. If you are at ten Elixir play something in the back or go for Goblin Barrel chip.

NEVER play the Prince offensively in the first 2 minutes. Unless you have a significant Elixir lead against your opponent, you should only play buckethead on defense.

These pushes are leading to Double Elixir.


Double Elixir is when chaos ensures.

You will be cycling ultra fast.

Clash Royale GolemVs Golem

Punish on the opposite side but don’t over commit. Play enough to just manage to take the Tower or lower it to critical HP.

You should then play Princess opposite lane. Then cycle to your Prince and place him in the back against the Golem. Log and Goblin Gang the supporting troops.

Play another Princess but this time same lane. Tornado all those troops together for the Princess while playing Electro Wizard on the outside corner of the arena Tower.

He should slow down the tank long enough for your troops to kill it.

If that isn’t already enough, you should play another Prince on the Golem to tank all damage. Then Goblin Gang to clean up rest.

You can also Log if any troops remain. You should pressure enough so that they can’t get another push.

If your opponent can get another Golem push going your Tower will most likely fall. Keep playing Goblin Barrels and Princes.

During Double Elixir, the only difference for the Princess is that you can play her at the bridge for extra chip damage.

Clash Royale GiantAgainst Giant decks

Your opponent will probably play their tank in the back.

Again, punish like your playing a Golem deck but don’t invest as much Elixir when pushing against a Giant or P.E.K.K.A.

You should cycle with a Princess in the back opposite lane. A Prince should do the trick against the supporting troops with a Goblin Gang on the P.E.K.K.A or Giant.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AAgainst a P.E.K.K.A

Do not let the P.E.K.K.A target your Prince. Then play another Princess (if needed) and Tornado everything together.

The Princess should clean up the rest if their push isn’t dead.

Then counter push and take the lower Tower.

If they still try to take your Tower you should attack and go for the 2 crown.

If you get the 2nd crown you basically won. Even if they have a massive push going for your king Tower this deck can stall/defend long enough for time to run out.

If it is currently 2-1 crowns you, they will not have enough time to go for the 2nd Tower.

Just try to run down the clock and win the game.


The deck has a very fast and strong cycle.

It cycles amazingly during Double Elixir and even during single Elixir.

The Prince adds more DPS to this deck as well as a big pressure unit. No one likes the look or sound of the Prince connecting to their Tower.

Buckethead may make me mad sometimes because he doesn’t have brain, but he does serious damage.

Even with underleveled cards, this deck can get you into Challenger 1.


This deck lacks a big spell.

It is also vulnerable against triple spell decks since they can have spells for each of your bait cards.

This deck also doesn’t play an Inferno Tower so it is a bigger challenge against big tanky beatdown decks.

I also find that it doesn’t play as efficiently against Miner control and Hog decks.

Decks with really strong defense like siege decks is hard to play against. With a X-Bow deck you need the Prince to tank. The Goblin Gang will have to kill. The E-Wiz will help but it is a really hard matchup.

So your worst matchups are Miner Poison control, Hog cycle, and X-Bow/Mortar decks.

Hardest Matchups

Clash Royale X-BowX-Bow

You want to get their Tower as quick as possible.

Never get under 5 Elixir and always have the Prince in cycle for their X-Bow.

I wouldn’t play Prince right in front of the X-Bow but in the middle of both Princess towers and like 4-5 tiles above the king Tower. Don’t forget to place it same lane.

Princess and Tornado their supporting defenses for their X-Bow.

If necessary, play Goblin Gang and Log.

Don’t let your opponent get a lock.

In Double Elixir I prefer to stack princesses on the X-Bow and kill all their supporting troops with Princess Tornado so the Prince gets a charge off on the X-Bow.

If you have their Tower you can place troops right on the X-Bow if they attack same lane that you have taken their Tower.

With siege decks if you take one Tower, it will either end up you winning or a draw.

Clash Royale MortarMortar

Mortar is even harder to play against than X-Bow.

You should play Ice Spirit in the middle to distract the Mortar for a couple shots. Then play Prince in the middle and Goblin Gang the Mortar.

In Double Elixir, stack Princesses and don’t let them get a lot of Mortars.

You should try to have already gotten their Tower before Double Elixir started.

If you have their Tower, you can place troops on the Mortar if they attack the lane that you have their Tower. If not you will have a difficult time.

I would use the Prince to tank the Mortar shots and Goblin Gang in the tile closest to the river in the pocket.

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison Control

Miner Poison control is very strong defensively.

It can cycle fast so don’t try to out cycle their counters.

You want to save Goblin Gang for the first couple of Miners.

They will try to keep chipping at your Tower and you can’t allow that.

First thing is to activate your King’s Tower by Tornadoing their Miner.

You will get most of your damage during Double Elixir.

During Double Elixir, if they Miner Poison, you should use the Prince on their Miner. You should then counter push with a Goblin Barrel.

You will have to switch up your Goblin Barrel placements or they will get you every time.

If they Log or Zap your Barrel, you can use Princess for some chip damage.

If your Prince isn’t dead yet you should support with a Goblin Gang.

When they send a Miner, play Ice Spirit by the arena Tower to Freeze the Miner, then drop another Prince on it.

If they don’t Poison, you can play a Goblin Gang.

You should keep Tornadoing their pushes or their Miner.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Cycle

Hog cycle is annoying.

Luckily we have the Tornado to counter it. Start with activating the king Tower.

From there, whenever they play Hog you can Tornado it into the middle right before it reaches your Princess Tower.

If you don’t want a hit from the Hog because it is overleveled, play an Ice Spirit to.

On offense, since it has great defense, you should switch up your Barrel placements to try to get a couple stabs against the Tower.

Drop your Princess at the bridge for extra damage and Electro Wizard or Goblin Gang against the Hog if your Tornado isn’t in cycle.