Clash Royale Tournament Chests

As have been requested a lot, here is a special page containing all information about Tournament Chests in Clash Royale for you guys! Hopefully you will find this page helpful!

Clash Royale Tournament Chests

Clash Royale Tournament Chests


  • You can get Tournament Chests by ranking in a Tournament.
  • At the end of a Tournament, top 3 players will be given Tournament chests with a mixed number of cards, depending on the size of the Tournament.
    • The second prize chest which contains 2/3 the number of cards of the biggest one.
    • The third prize chest contains 1/2 the number of cards of the biggest chest.
  • In large Tournaments, all players in the top 50% always receive a prize. In small Tournaments, less players will receive a prize (40%-45% players in the top). Higher rank = higher amount of cards.
  • The Clash Royale Tournament Chest is automatically opened after the Tournament. It takes 14 days to open the biggest chest. Of course the opening progress can be skipped by using Gems.
  • Players need to open chests before joining any other Tournament.
  • The biggest Tournament chests contain guaranteed Legendary cards. My friend, Ash, even got 4 Legendary Cards after opening the biggest chest.
  • Tournament Chests also contain Gold but it doesn’t contain Gems.
  • The contents of cards in the Tournament Chest follow the same rules of the Magical Chest or Super Magical Chest: 1 Rare for 5 Commons and 1 Epic for 30 Commons.

Clash Royale Tournament Chest Rewards

Clash Royale Tournament Chest Rewards


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