Clash Royale Elixir Still Continues to Regenerate After hitting 10


Clash Royale Elixir Still Continues to Regenerate After hitting 10

Do you know that the Clash Royale Elixir still continues to regenerate after you hit 10 Elixir? After reading a lot of comments on Clash Royale Arena, I have realized many players don’t understand how the Clash Royale Elixir Regeneration works once you hit 10 Elixir Statistics. Thanks  Jagermeister4 very much for sharing this tip!

Clash Royale Elixir Still Continues to Regenerate After hitting 10
Clash Royale Elixir Still Continues to Regenerate After hitting 10

As we all know, in the Clash Royale battle, we get 1 Statistics every 2.9 seconds during the first 2 minutes and every 1.4 seconds during the rest of the match. When we reach 10 Statistics, the 2.8 seconds (or 1.4) countdown is still running. If we place a Clash Royale card down before that 2.8-second countdown is up, we still get the 11th Elixir on schedule.

For example, If I drop my Clash Royale Goblins exactly 1 second after I hit 10 Statistics, I will get +1 Statistics after exact 1.8 seconds instead of 2.8 seconds as you thought.

If you don’t drop any Clash Royale card once the 2.8 seconds countdown past, you will have wasted that 1 Clash Royale Elixir. Which means, you just can’t get that +1 Elixir immediately when you place down a card. Normally, both Clash Royale players in a battle always gain an Elixir at the same time but If Clash Royale Elixir regeneration gets paused for a player, this will be changed.

To take advantage of this, try to drop your card within 2.7 seconds after you hit 10 Clash Royale Elixir so you won’t waste any single Elixir.


Clash Royale players have the tendency to not want to attack first at the beginning. People usually wait to see what the Clash Royale opponent is going to do so they can react properly. At the start of the Clash Royale battle, just let your Elixir bar hits 10, wait for about 2.5 seconds before dropping your card down. If your opponent is waiting, obviously he can’t possibly react your play in just 0.3 seconds. Most of the time, my Clash Royale opponent needs to spend at least 1 second to think about how to react my play, he will lose that 1 Elixir, which you didn’t lose.

This is very useful especially when you play Clash Royale Elixir Collector, Tombstone,… or even when you drop your Spear Goblins at the bridge and deal a few hundred damage. If you love playing slow, drop your big tanker at the back of your base within 2.7 seconds after you hit 10 Elixir and you will be able to put an extra Clash Royale Elixir towards your push.

Sometimes, when you play defensively, If you see opponent’s troops slowly pushing on a lane but it takes seconds for them to cross the Clash Royale bridge and you are max Elixir, wait that 2.5 seconds!

Let’s imagine how many Clash Royale Elixir you can gain in the battle by following this trick? Hopefully you have found this page helpful guys! Please share this with your friends If you like Clash Royale Arena!