How to deal with Freeze Combo

Hello my friends! Let’s talk about the Freeze combo today. I know that most new players do hate/love this combo because of its effective. Although it was extremely effective in Clash Royale before the Freeze Spell got nerfed, there are still loads of players using this combo. That’s why I want to discuss about it today.

counter freeze spell clash royale

How this Freeze combo works

The attacker will drops the Freeze Spell and freeze everything within the spell’s radius for 5+ seconds, during this time, the opponent’s Hog/Balloon/Prince,… will have enough time to deal devastating damage to your Crown Tower. Also, many players love using Minion Horde with the Freeze Spell since that card also can deal lots of damage too. Basically, this is how Freeze combo works.

How to counter it?

  • Once you have identified that the opponent has the Freeze Spell card on his Desk, you should always be ready for the next time he places it. If you play defense for positive Elixir trade, just make sure that you drop your cards right at the center and spread them a bit so the opponent can’t freeze them all.
  • Also, don’t place your troops until the attacker drops the Freeze. You will take damage, for sure, but that’s better than dropping your troops and watching the enemy troops hitting your Tower badly.
  • If the Hog/Balloon is attacking your defensive building card, don’t drop your troops immediately. Most of the time, the opponent will drop the Freeze Spell once his troop finish off your defensive building card. Just wait for that!
  • If you have a defensive building card, just make sure you always have it on the ground.
  • Don’t place any building right next to your weakened Crown Towers. It’s not a good idea at all. They will be susceptible to get destroyed by any spell card.
  • If you have more than 1 building card, you can easily lure the enemy Hog/Balloon from the weakened side to the other one.

Because the enemy troops (Hog/Balloon) only deal damage to your buildings and Towers, you can take the advantage of this If your defensive troops don’t get damaged. Make a counter-attack with your survived troops. The opponent has just spent 4 Elixir for the Freeze Spell and is not ready to defend against your counter-attack. But, be smart with your counter-attack. Don’t just place either the Hog Rider or the Balloon If you know that he still has the Minion Horde.

Play patiently, get the the elixir advantage and you can take control of the battle!

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