New Fisherman + Hog Rider Magic Deck

Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here again with a new great meta deck based on Fisherman and Hog Rider, which you can use to beat the enemies down in the ladder this season.

Beach Battle has started and we are into the season one week. And now it is time for us to jump into the battle and push the ladder. We want to end up beating our personal best this season. Ain’t we?

fisherman hog deck

As we got to know in the Season update that there are some unique balance changes this season in Clash Royale. Fisherman, the most underrated and niche legendary card in the game has been buffed. Zappies have also gotten a rework along with a Firecracker nerf. The Fisherman is not a new card but the blue-clothed guy never saw his golden days in Clash Royale. As it has been now buffed, the usage percentage of the card has been on the rise every day. We will look at some Fisherman decks that you should be mastering this season to make use of the buff. 

Fisherman + Hog Rider Magical Deck


Fisherman is back in the game with a strong fish in his hand. This deck is for the players who love hog cycles and can’t do without a hog deck in any season whatever the meta is. So if you are one of them, here is your treat Hog master. This deck has Hog and Fisherman both along with Bats and Log being the low elixir cycle cards.

Deck Cards:

  • The Hog rider is our win condition with this deck and we will try to cycle it as much as possible.
  • It is also our punishment card. What I mean by punishment is that it can be used to punish your opponent when they use a big-elixir card at the back of their king tower. Just drop the hog and take damage, this works in this deck as we don’t have any big-elixir card ourselves.
  • We have log and lightning as our spells. Lightning should be used as a pump response or destroy a group of troops gathering near their tower.
  • Then we have our Ice golem which I know that you know how to use. Ice golem is our bait to avoid all damages to our towers and also bait for saving the Magic Archer.
  • Mini Pekka in this deck is our tiny friend to finish off the enemy’s medium troops like Prince, Dark Prince, Valkyrie etc. It is a defense card as well as can counter push with Ice Golem.

Deck Strategy

Start with the magic archer as an investment in the back of the king tower. Or you can cycle the log on their tower.

Do not put the fisherman or the hog rider right away before knowing what cards your opponent is playing.

After they make a move, place the bats in support of the magic archer. When your opponent places a tank, let it come past the bridge.

You have to use the fisherman at the right time and the right place. Use it to pull their win conditions in the middle of the arena or near the king tower for an early activation.

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After the investment, you have to use your mini Pekka as the defense. You can use it in combination with the fisherman. Fisherman pulls their giant skeleton in the middle and you place a mini Pekka to finish it off before it kills the fisherman.

Place Mini Pekka against Prince, Pekka, mega knights etc after pulling them. In between all this, count your opponent’s elixir and let the hog rider run into their tower with the hammer.

ssssss 1

Send your Ice golem ahead of the hog rider to build up an offence. Or with the Mini Pekka. Two cards that you won’t be using without mindfulness in this deck are the Fisherman and the Lightning.

Try to guard your magic archer as much as possible throughout the match, by placing mini Pekka to protect or send the Ice Golem in front in the battleground. This will make your foe spend more elixir into taking him out or using a spell against him.

As the match advances and you learn what deck the opponent is playing, you have to make predictions when to log their goblin gang or barrel.

Your magic archer is your main air defence also, so better keep him alive. If the opponent is using a heavy deck like Lavaloon, put pressure by using Magic Archer and Bats in the opposite lane so that he doesn’t build up elixir for those.

I hope you would win some good matches using the deck and also the fisherman earns some respect that was long due.

Be sure to keep checking Clash World for the new guides regularly. Till then, Clash on!

Hey, I am Krux. I am a content writer and a CR fan. I like the game and continuously try to improve my game. These articles are my contribution to the community. Enjoy reading Clash.World as it is a place for CR players. Apart from this, I also do Graphic Designing.

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