Tips for Getting to Legendary Arena (Arena 13)

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Hey everyone! Supermarine here with my guide for you guys.

Currently, there is plenty of players that are stuck around Electro Valley and really want to push to the Legendary Arena.

Here are some great tips for reaching Legendary Arena and move through the starting leagues.

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Best Tips for Pushing to Legendary Arena

Use a deck that suits you.

This is probably one of the most important rules to follow, as having a good deck just isn’t enough.

I mean, you probably shouldn’t play a Golem Beatdown if it doesn’t seem comfortable to you.

Play what you feel comfortable with.

Play with a deck that makes you relaxed, not tense! It makes all the difference!

Make sure your deck can counter the popular cards in your Arena

counter elite barbariansNow, I know it’s very important to make a deck that suits you, but it will never be able to win if it can’t counter the popular cards in your Arena.

For example, Elite Barbarians are very popular in Arenas 7 to Challenger II.

These are the some cards that counter the Elite Barbarians:

Clash Royale KnightClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale BatsClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale Mega KnightClash Royale Rocket

Now, I know that’s a lot of counters, but if your deck doesn’t have at least two, do add one or several (Example: Valkyrie+Ice Spirit), because Ebarbs are very popular right now, and it’s better to be prepared even when you don’t see them!

The same applies with other cards too!

Level up the cards you use

It’s much better to level up just the cards you use rather than leveling them all up.

If you level them all up, then you will not be able to make the cards that you use powerful enough in Arenas 10 and 11.

Long term, leveling up the cards that you do use is better, because then they will be more powerful.

Trust me, that Level 10 Hog Rider will be worth it more, rather than getting all of your cards to level 7/5/3/1!

level up cards

Play on Tablets

Now, I’m not insulting all of you who play on their phones, but it’s true!

Tablets truly are better! Their larger screen means that you are much less likely to misplace a card (I have seen MANY people play on their iPhones and misplace a card multiple times).

They are also more durable, with plastic covers that you can use to keep your screen safe from harm.

Also, the screen of a tablet (IMO) is much easier to clean, mainly because the small crannies are not as small and annoying as with a phone, making them easier to clean out.

Trust me, a clean screen means a lot in order to see the game in full depth!

Finally, people can’t call you when you’re on your tablet (most likely)!


Don’t play if you’re stressed.

This is a very important tip because stressed people are destined to lose, making them more stressed than before.

Stress prevents you from focusing on the game fully. If you’re stressed out from something like school or work, DO NOT PLAY!!!

Watch a relaxing sitcom or something like Jason Bourne rather than playing Clash Royale. Heck, you could even play Hay Day!

ladder deck

Use Ladder Deck

One of the more obvious tips, this is very important. Use decks which are designed for pushing trophies.

You could be using the deck that has the highest winrate and still lose trophies, just because that deck isn’t fit for the ladder!

Instead, use something like Spell Bait (still good!) or MK Hog, which both are fit for Ladder.

You don’t need Legendary cards in order to be in Legendary Arena.

goblin barrelI know! For whatever reason, some people think that they need at least one Legendary Card before they can be in Legendary Arena (probably not the case for you guys).

So not true! Take my clanmate Schmenderick for example. He is F2P and he made it to Arena 12 using an F2P version of Spell Bait! See? Problem solved.

Just make sure your deck works and that’s all.

Never do trophy pushes during a Gold or Gem Rush event.

I know, I know, you want to be able to get extra cash and bonus gems while pushing.

Well, I have two words for you: BAD IDEA

I’ve crunched the numbers, and during these special events, it is significantly harder to trophy push because you’re going up against significantly harder opponents.

So, unless you want your rear end kicked by a guy with a Lvl 7 Golem (actually happened to me once), don’t trophy push during Special Events!

Buy cards from the Shop whenever you can

The Shop is a very under-appreciated tool that works so well when trophy pushing, as it allows you to spend Gold to get the cards you need.

This allows you to upgrade your cards quicker.

Take a quick look here for more details.

Buy the Hog Mountain pack

The Hog Mountain pack contains a Legendary Chest, 100,000 Gold, and 1200 Gems.

Such awesomeness, and very useful for upgrades too!

To be honest, buying all Arena packs are worth it.

clash royale arena pack

Watch good plays on TV Royale

It’s like a wise man once said: “Buying chests and leveling up can only get you so far.”

Learning from others is always one of the best ways to learn.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a deck that you may want to use on Ladder too!

Watch your own replays

Most players haven’t done this at least once.

When it comes to losing, nobody likes it. But, you’ll keep losing if you don’t figure out what you did wrong during that match in which you lost.

Watching the replay will help you figure out what you did wrong and fix the mistake, so you’ll be ready for another round!

Trust the Experts

Sometimes, when somebody finds an interesting deck, they tend to play it differently than the way it’s supposed to be played.

Make sure you watch and re-watch the video to make sure you are playing the deck right.

And, don’t purposely try to find a new way to play a deck when you CLEARLY know how it’s supposed to be played.

Just trust the experts.

Keep the volume on when you play.

Trust me, this could mean the difference between winning a match and losing a match.

It allows you to detect that pesky Goblin Barrel much easier than through your eyes.

It’s like Ben Kenobi once said, “Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.”


Try not to change the deck too much

You see a deck and you think “Wow! I wanna use that!” Then you realize that half of the Commons in that deck are tourney standard, and those same commons for you are only level 4.

It’s fine to switch decks every once in a while, but don’t switch too much, otherwise you’ll just be wasting valuable Gold.

Have faith in your current deck. Practice by doing friendly battles. Whatever deck you are using, stick with it unless it just isn’t working anymore (which would be 3 days without any wins).

Join a Clan

Yeah, sure. Some people get along just fine without ever joining a clan.

But, in the long run, joining a clan is much more helpful, as it allows you to receive more cards and upgrade them quicker, along with the joyous feeling of practicing all of your decks in Friendly Battles. But, perhaps the best part of being in a Clan is war rewards, as it gets you tons of gold, cards, and even has a decent chance of a Legendary Card!

If you’re looking for a clan to join, consider joining the clan. Just search to find it.

Make use of troop aggro

Aggroing is a very useful skill that one should learn, as it allows you to distract troops, activate your King early, and do other things that were previously thought to be impossible.

For example, you can use just Skeletons and Ice Spirit to counter a Mega Knight by making use of the aggro technique, giving you a massive advantage.

You can also use Ice Golem+Skeletons+Fire Spirits to counter an Elite Barbarians+Hog Rider push, giving you another massive trade.

Now you know the potential of aggro!

Watch Orange Juice’s video on micro and macro.

Yes, this is a very helpful video, filled with very helpful techniques that will certainly give you an advantage in battle.

WATCH IT!!! I even put it below for you guys!

Ask somebody here on Clash.World!

Yes, that’s right! Clash.World, this is is one of the greatest resources one can use apart from the Clash Royale Wiki!

There are many experts here who can help, and anyone of them is willing.

Whether that’s through using the comments section of a new guide or chatting through the Discord, help is all around you! Use it!

So that’s all for this guide! As always, be sure to leave a comment if you guys enjoyed, and also abide by these tips! In terms of my new deck series, it will be coming soon, and remember, I may not work alone on that one! See you guys later!