Mother Witch Mega Knight Deck


Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some May vibes and a new deck guide. Mother Witch was released half a year ago and it is not one of the cards that are dead on its coming. Today we are gonna see the Mother Witch Mega Knight deck that works wonders on the ladder. So if you are the player who likes MK and Mother witch and wants to have some fun with both the cards, this is for you!

Mother Witch Mega Knight Deck

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  • Tesla: Only building in Mother Witch Mega Knight deck. Used for defence and killing big troops like Giants, Pekkas.
  • Mother Witch: Hail the witch! Our defence for swarms, support for the Mega Knight and wise advisor for the next move.
  • Mega Knight: Mid-ladder knows it very well. To smash a herd of enemy troops.
  • Skeletons: Three little skeletons, a big brain game. Our investment to cycle the cards, to use as defence for Mini Pekkas and others.
  • Magic Archer: It comes as our major anti-air attack and defence with a long range. Can support too.
  • Zap: The 2-elixir versatile card to deal with skeleton army, goblins, and to reset the enemy troops.
  • Royal Hogs: Our win condition is Piggies go! Building chaser and spell bait in the deck.
  • Tornado: Tornado is our level-independent defensive spell in this deck.

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The Mother Witch Mega Knight deck having an average elixir of 3.8 is a medium cycle deck. It has a moderate offence and a good defence. The free-to-play score is also average of Mother Witch Mega Knight deck but it doesn’t mean this is not viable. It is a good choice to enjoy the mid-ladder with your favourite cards.Mother Witch Mega Kngiht

Opening: We have decent openings in our Mother Witch Mega Knight deck if you don’t like waiting for the first move. We can start with the Mother Witch at the back of the King tower. Or we can invest the elixir in Skeletons to cycle the cards. Or even Magic Archer in the back. We also have some mistakes to avoid. We will never put the Mega Knight first. Also never send the Royal hogs on the bridge.


These two follies can be costly for our match. After placing the Mother Witch or Magic Archer, we will place the Hogs at the bridge ahead of them. Do not place the Mega Knight instead of the hogs. Using Mega knight without reason will be deadly. Magic Archer and Mother witch are paired well with Royal Hogs. Keep the Zap handy to quickly kill the skeleton army or minions the opponent places to kill the Hogs. Once the push been sent to the opponent’s tower, let them defend it.

Mid-game: Our first attack has gotten us some advantage by damaging the enemy tower. They will defend it and we have now to defend the counter push. Possible troops will be Mega Knight which they placed on the Hogs, or Wizards, or some Dragon. We have an answer to all of them. We have Mega Knight for the enemy Mega Knight, and Magic archer or Mother Witch as air defence depending upon what you used in the opening attack.

Mother witch mega knight deck

Use Mega Knight to smash if there are smaller troops incoming, e.g. Wizards, Valkyrie etc. Also if there is a Mega Knight or Giant, we’ll use the Magic Archer or Mother Witch at the middle of the arena paired with Mega Knight. If the opponent uses a building chaser like Hog rider, we will place the Tesla in the middle of the arena. Tesla paired with MW or Magic archer and let the elixir build up. We can also wisely use the Skeletons on Mini Pekkas or some other ground troop that is attacking Tesla or Mega Knight. Tornado is the card to gather all the enemy troops in line with the Magic Archer. We won’t use Tornado on big tanks though, it will be wasted.

Endgame: After successfully defending the counter push using Mother Witch Mega Knight deck, we have our support troop (MW or Magic Archer) alive and Hog again in cycle. We will use Hogs again ahead of the support. Also zap is in our hands to take out swarms as quickly as possible. We want to squeeze maximum damage from the Hogs. Also if we haven’t used the Tornado in defence, we can now use it to put the enemy troops in line with the Magic Archer. After this, we will repeat the same to defend the counter-push and attack again. Three or four Hog stampedes will earn us the crown.

1. Golem: Our Mother Witch Mega Knight deck is fun to use and works fine in the ladder. Golem decks can be a problem when we are learning to use our deck. We don’t have a big spell in our deck and two small spells. So if a giant Golem push has been made against us, it will tough to fight it with just MK and MW. In such matchups, we should apply dual lane pressure using the Royal hogs and Mega knight paired with a support card. When Mega knight and MW is going in one lane, use Hogs on the other one with Zap. We have to force the opponent to keep using elixir so that they can’t make a full-blown Golem push on our tower.

I have been using this deck for two days now and it is funny to win against meta. Opponents get angry when they lose to Hogs damage. Try it and tell us on our Discord your antics and matchups. You can also discuss decks, guides, or anything about the game there. Stay tuned with Clash World for more deck guides, royale news, and other interesting articles. Clash On!