Golem EBarbs Deck


Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with cyclonic wind and a new deck guide. Golem is never out of fashion and we can find a Golem player in any season at any time. There are players who like Beat down decks the most and use them on the ladder all the time. If you are looking to learn a beatdown deck, the Golem Ebarbs deck is here!

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  • Golem: Our win condition. The big tank and building chaser. We will look for ways to connect the Golem with the enemy tower.
  • Elite Barbarians: They are the tank killers for this Golem Ebarbs deck. Our punishment for the opponent can be spammed at the bridge.
  • Lightning: Pump response and the heavy damage spell. To be used as support with Golem too.
  • Skeleton Dragons: Our anti-air troop for defence and subsequently the support in the counter-push.
  • Night Witch: Night witch is the major support card in this deck. Also, the bats work as air defence.
  • Fisherman: Fisherman is a saver for Golem and to pull the enemy defence out of the way.
  • Bomber: The 2-elixir tiny friend is the best support Golem can have. Also a defence for swarms.
  • Tornado: Tornado is our level-independent defensive spell in this deck.

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The Golem EBarbs deck with an average elixir cost of 4.5 is a new beatdown deck to try in ladder. It has a good offence and a good defence. The free-to-play score is mediocre for the Golem Ebarbs deck but it can give us some good wins. Let’s bring those towers down with our Golem!

Golem Ebarbs deck

Opening: We have a heavy deck in hand and we will wait for our opponent to make the first move. We don’t want to get clapped in the first minute by placing our Golem. If the time is slow, we will start with the Night Witch at the back of the King tower. We will never bridge spam Elite barbarians or Golem. That would be the recipe to lose the match. After the Night Witch, we will see the enemy’s defence and react accordingly. We can use our Tornado for the skeleton army, or Skeleton dragons for a dragon. Most probably we will have to place the Fisherman in the middle to take out a ground troop. It is advisable also because we want our Skeleton Dragons to be alive. After these steps, keep Tornado or Lightning handy to take out any more defence only if we have the Fisherman and Night Witch alive. If they are dead, we won’t elixir trying to get damage.Golem Ebarbs Deck

In another scenario, if the opponent tries to push on us aggressively using unwise bridge spam or puts a heavy tank like Golem or Lava hound at the back. We need to put pressure on the other lane with our Golem Ebarbs deck. We can’t let them build a big push with the Golem or Lava Hound or even Pekka in a lane. We will immediately place our Elite Barbarians in the other lane and will be keen to use the Tornado or Fisherman. It will force the opponent to react and they won’t be able to place support troops with the push.

Mid-game: Either our first attack has damaged the enemy tower somewhat or we have defended and still cycling troops. We will still try with the same strategy for a while till we are near the double elixir. Golem should not be played in the initial. When we are near the double elixir, we will place the Night Witch at the back. When she just ahead of the Princess tower, we will put a Golem at the bridge. Or vice versa, Golem at the back first and then Night Witch behind it. If we don’t get an attack on the other lane, we will also place our Bomber or Skeleton Dragons as support to kill the defence the opponent puts. Bomber for swarms and ground troops, Skeleton Dragons for air defence. If they try to attack the other lane which is very possible, we will let go of our Bomber for it. If it is a heavy tank, elite barbarians. This way, we are defended. After this, we will wait for the elixir to build up for the lightning. We will need to clear the way for our Golem. Struck and the Golem connects.

golemWe won’t overcommit after this. We should be in a good position after the push with their tower down a lot of health. We will now defend again for some time before launching the next attack.

Endgame: After successfully defending, it’s time to push on their tower with our army again. Golem Ebarbs deck have the advantage that we can defend dual lane pressure using Elite Barbs and if they try. We won’t waste our elixir early and wait for the opponent’s defence. Wait for it is the motto. With the Golem leading our push, Night Witch and Bomber trailing behind, we will go again to see the tower crumble. At the same time, we will have Fisherman, Skeleton Dragons, or Lightning at our hands to defend the other lane or make the push bigger. Two successful pushes should be enough for us to get a crown.

Try the new Golem Ebarbs deck and tell us on our Discord how you like it. Stay tuned with Clash World for more deck guides, royale news, and other interesting articles. Clash On!