Sparky Mother Witch Deck | New Meta

Hey there! It’s Krux here, and I am back again with some Holiday air and a new Clash Royale Deck guide. We are now near mid-season in the latest Season 18 Logmas. Along with pleasing changes and new emotes, a new card is also added to the game and people are trying to master it. We have covered Mother Witch info if you want to revise. Also, we brought a Giant Skeleton Mother Witch deck and today we will see another new Mother Witch deck.

Sparky Mother Witch Deck

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This Goblin Giant Sparky with Mother Witch deck may look heavy but has an average elixir cost of 3.8. It has two tanks with cost 6 elixir and three 3-elixir cards which balance the deck.

Deck Cards

  • Mother Witch: Our answer to swarms such as goblins, skeleton army, graveyard and bats.
  • Zap: This versatile spell card justifies its place as both defensive and offensive.
  • Rage: Why is it rage here when there are no E-Barbaians? you know why.
  • Bats: Bats got buff this season and we will be using them as witty defence and support for the tanks.
  • Dark Prince: Our friend is a ground-attacking splash card and a mini tank with his shield. Very good support in the push.
  • Goblin Giant: The big green guy is our main tank in the deck and also one of the win-conditions.
  • Sparky: Goblin Giant is there for Sparky. Sparky is our electrifying win condition.
  • Hunter: The main air defence to stop balloons locking on our tower in this Sparky Mother Witch deck. Bats won’t do everything.Sparky MW deck

Deck Strategy

Opening: We are under no pressure to start the game with a first move. We have heavy cards with us which are not the good play to put on the arena first.

Mother Witch DeckWe can go with the bats and cycle, Dark Prince at the back of the king tower. These are two safe bets. If your opponent makes the first move, then you will place Dark Prince or Mother Witch as the defence at the back. If they try to push all-in with supports etc, then Sparky will be a counter to tanks like Giants. Zap can also be used to take out swarms such as bats. With this, you will defend your tower and end up with a counter push with Dark Prince/mother Witch and Sparky. If the case is that the opponent doesn’t push, you are relaxed with one troop on the arena. If you placed Sparky, you will try to place Goblin Giant ahead of it. This is our basic push strategy for this Mother Witch deck. If you are not up on elixir for Goblin Giant, don’t overcommit with bats or Mother witch, it won’t make the cut.rage time

Counter-Pushing: You successfully defended using any one card in the Mother Witch deck. And now it is time to counter-push nastily onto the opponent’s tower. You can put the Dark Prince and Hunter/Mother Witch to push if you don’t have elixir for Sparky and Goblin Giant. Sending Sparky alone is not a good idea. It will be taken out and we will have to deal with a counter-push which can give a hard time. You will begin the push with the Sparky or the Goblin Giant at the back and the Sparky behind the Goblin Giant. And when they have crossed the bridge, place anyone support according to the opponent’s defence, be it Dark Prince or bats or Mother Witch. And then at last, Rage. Rage everything. This nasty won’t be stopped using buildings or wizards. You will get a lot of damage or perhaps a tower. push

Endgame: If you got one crown, the game is on your side and you have to defend now. Also, you can build another push if not taken out the tower already. In this Mother witch deck, Sparky can also be used as a defence for Tanks like Pekka. Pair it with bats to take them out and counter push. Repeat the push cycle to take the enemy princess tower.


  • Do not bridge spam Sparky or Goblin Giant.
  • Lure the enemy troops by placing the Goblin Giant in the middle and it walks away to the other lane.
  • Use Sparky as a defence with it being alive after the fight.
  • This Sparky Mother Witch deck doesn’t allow overcommitting.

That’s all for today. I hope you get some red crowns using this deck. Stay tuned with us for more guides, articles and updates on Clash Royale. Clash On!