4 Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay


4 Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Hello guys, I have received a lot of questions about improving Clash Royale decks or people getting stuck in some certain Arenas lately. You know what? Sometimes It’s not because of your decks or your Clash Royale King’s Tower level or your card levels, it’s because of you. This guide is going to be a little too serious for players who don’t really want to improve and climb. Thanks simplyinsomniac for sharing these tips for us!

4 Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Yourself is the only thing in your control: This is definitely the most important thing you must engrave in your mind If you want to improve your Clash Royale gameplay. Why? Because you just can’t control who you are going to be matched against, what Clash Royale decks they will use, how many money they have spent,…. You can only control your Clash Royale decks and your playstyle so keep watching your replays, learn from your mistakes, figure out what you did wrong and avoid doing those mistakes in the next matches.

Adapt in Clash Royale: I see people get stick in cycles most of the time and those cycles always result in the same Clash Royale outcomes. If it didn’t work for you last time, don’t try again the next time. Always try to take advantage of this guys! If you place your P.E.K.K.A down and your opponent immediately counters your play with Clash Royale Minion Horde, 80% he is going to do that the next time. I usually play pre-Arrow and that would be one of the most satisfied moves in Clash Royale game! Even If you lose that Clash Royale game because of the missed-Arrows, I guarantee you can make the most of it most of the time. If you know your opponent is going to place his 7 Elixir P.E.K.K.A behind his Clash Royale King’s Tower and you don’t have one, just rush the other side and use your cheap troops to lure his P.E.K.K.A to the middle.

Adapt to the Clash Royale meta: This is a bit self-explanatory but seems like a lot of players trouble with this. In each Clash Royale Arena, there are some Clash Royale decks that are played significantly (for example, Hut Decks are played a lot in Arena 3-4). If you can figure out the weakness of those Clash Royale decks, you can easily build a counter deck and push much faster. You just can’t push from Clash Royale Arena 1 to Arena 8 with just 1 deck!

Know your Clash Royale deck inside out: This is very important If you want to climb higher with decks shared on Clash Royale Arena. You will know your Clash Royale deck better than ff you build it from scratch; But if you want to use a Clash Royale deck I shared, this is extremely important. It’s very essential for you to understand your win condition and the limitations of your Clash Royale decks so you can play wisely for a draw whenever you think you are not going to win.

Okay guys that’s all I want to say today. Hope you really enjoyed this post! Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion here and discuss about Clash Royale!