How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

In this guide, we are going to discuss cards that potentially positive Elixir trade against the Bomb Tower in Clash Royale. You have to take what you learn in this guide to make real time decisions based on what cards your opponent has, their card rotation and how much Elixir they have. Thanks Orange Juice a lot for sharing these great tips!

How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale
How to Counter Bomb Tower in Clash Royale

How to counter Clash Royale Bomb Tower

Clash Royale Bomb Tower seems pretty hard to counter but it’s not really that bad. To counter the Bomb Tower, you need to become the Bomb Tower. A Clash Royale Bomb Tower is effective against low cost decks. These can be commonly found below Clash Royale Legendary Arena. We don’t see Bomb Towers very often in Clash Royale Arena 8 TV Royale because it’s not particularly effective against P.E.K.A, Double Prince,… Don’t overreact when you see the Bomb Tower.

If you are using Clash Royale Hut Decks, a Barbarian Hut is immediately a negative Clash Royale Elixir trade as it can’t even deal a single damage to the Bomb Tower during its lifetime. The Clash Royale Goblin Huts are fine but make sure you have a tanker in front of your Goblins. The Clash Royale Bomb Tower is very effective against Hut Decks. It is going to be harder to win against a Bomb Tower opponent. If you don’t have Mortar or any of these other hard counters, try to focus to draw the match.

The best card to counter a Bomb Tower is definitely the Clash Royale Mortar. When you see a Bomb Tower, you want just the edge of the Clash Royale Mortar’s radius to reach the Bomb Tower (so it will focus on the Bomb Tower only) and this is going to be a positive Clash Royale Elixir trade. It’s all psychological, look at it from their perspective. It invokes an urgent desire to stop the Mortar immediately. I have noticed some players end up over committing. This gives you an even larger positive Clash Royale Elixir trade.
If you use Mortar offensively and they plant Clash Royale Bomb Tower to counter your Mortar, that’s really a positive Elixir trade. Just move on and rush the other lane. Funny enough, Clash Royale Bomb Tower also counters a Mortar. It has very high HP and you can use it to distract the Mortar while using other troops to finish off the Clash Royale Mortar.

With an Clash Royale Elixir Collector, you are gaining a passive Elixir advantage while Bomb Tower life depreciating. The 2 Clash Royale Elixir Advantage also allows you to engage the Bomb Tower a little more aggressively. If the Bomb Tower is 2 tiles away from the river, small Minions are the best counter!

Sometimes it’s better to just ignore it If it doesn’t lure your Clash Royale troops. If you are using Clash Royale Hog Rider, you may want to take a look at this guide to see how to effectively bypass buildings. If you are using Clash Royale Balloon and the Bomb Tower is 3 or more tiles from the river, you can bypass the Bomb Tower by planting the Balloon on the edge.  On the side where Bomb Tower is only 2 tiles from the Clash Royale Arena Tower, you will need to plant the Balloon on the farthest edge behind the rock.


Using Clash Royale Minions:

  • If you noticed the Bomb Tower is planted on the right side, you can stagger the Clash Royale Minions 1 tile diagonal from the Bomb Tower. The Minions will fly into that sweet dead zone. It’s almost as strong as the Clash Royale Minion Horde. The Clash Royale game isn’t 100% symmetrical so the diagonal technique won’t work If the Bomb Tower is planted on the left side.
  • Most people are not willing to Arrows 3 Minions and If They Fireball them, you will make a positive Clash Royale Elixir trade. Zap paired with Minions is really a good combo because most Clash Royale opponents aren’t willing to spend more than 2 Elixir to counter 3 Minions. I like to pre-select Zap for the fastest response. If your opponent use Spear Goblins to stop your Minions, just Clash Royale Zap them! That is a positive Elixir trade plus their Clash Royale Bomb Tower is down and out of rotation.
  • Minion Hordes are generally a bad idea since Arrows are almost in every Clash Royale deck. If you know their Arrows are out of rotation or they are stitting at 0 Elixir, you can use Clash Royale Minion Horde to quickly take out the Bomb Tower for an equal Elixir Trade.

Using Clash Royale Baby Dragon:

  • Dragon is one of the best cards to counter Clash Royale Bomb Tower, not because of it’s damage but because of its flying capability and HP.
  • If the Bomb Tower is placed 3 or less tiles from the river, the Baby Dragon will get in free shots from the Clash Royale Bomb Tower. This forces your opponent to kill the Clash Royale Baby Dragon or lose the Bomb Tower.
  • If you notice their counter to your Baby Dragon is Clash Royale Minion Horde, you can gamble with pre-Arrows. It’s a high risk move but the payout is also very high. Clash Royale Zap is good If you notice their only anti-air are Goblins.
  • If they have a Clash Royale Musketeer to counter your Dragon, you can shoot a Fireball and the Bomb Tower plus severely wound the Musketeer. That’s a positive Elixir trade and damage done to their Clash Royale Arena Tower.

Other Clash Royale Tips:

  • If you are really set on destroying their Clash Royale Bomb Tower and you can afford a slight negative Elixir trade. You can use Clash Royale Goblin Barrel to bait out Arrows then drop your Minion Horde.
  • You even can use Clash Royale Barbarians to take down the Bomb Tower by using a tanker on 1 lane. Once the Bomb Tower starts hitting the tanker, place your Clash Royale Barbarians on the other lane.
  • Against Bomb Tower, Clash Royale Lightning Spell is only worth If you can hit 3 targets.
  • For Clash Royale Rocket decks, you have to read the situation. Do you know your Clash Royale opponent’s card rotation? Is the Bomb Tower their only hard counter to your Clash Royale deck? Have you been making enough positive Clash Royale Elixir trades to afford to launch a Rocket? If you have no clue, it might not be a good idea to Rocket the Bomb Tower.
  • A Clash Royale tank essentially negates the primary clash function of the Bomb Tower. You can brute force push with a tank and support. Make sure to space out your support or the Clash Royale Bomb aimed at the tank will splash onto the support.
  • Clash Royale P.E.K.K.A and Golem are especially good tankers against the Bomb Tower because they are so slow. By the time Clash Royale Golem reached the Bomb Tower, the life timer already depreciated in half.
  • Clash Royale Princess is also a great card to counter Bomb Tower. If your Clash Royale opponent Arrows your Princess, that’s okay as it’s an equal Elixir trade and your Princess still shot the Tower at least once.

Okay guys I hope you have found these Clash Royale tips helpful! Clash on my friends! Oh wait, just a few more seconds! Please share this page with your friends to support Clash Royale Arena. I really appreciate it guys!